Three Sixty - Body Music (Main Mix)

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2022.01.27 14:33 Dannyboi93 Three Sixty - Body Music (Main Mix)

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2022.01.27 14:33 JBreezyyNY After 25 years of Pokémon fandom, I found out yesterday that Snorlax isn't dark grey, and is actually green. Am I the only one that didn't know this?!

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2022.01.27 14:33 DemUnderground Nikki Haley Calls on Biden and Harris to Resign

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2022.01.27 14:33 ihatevega The mod we should send to do an interview with Dave meltzer.

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2022.01.27 14:33 Quatricise [PROMO] I made an illustrated website based on a poem called "Hyperion" by John Keats; it's freely available for viewing on my website at (best viewed on desktop)

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2022.01.27 14:33 Haunting-Chain2438 Anyone take a break/seperation and come back?

Hey, just another venting post here.
6 year relationship, we are in our 30s, he broke up because he isn't ready for a commitment/relationship and wants to have more "experience"
Prior to the infidelities, we had an awesome relationship. The cheating didn't start until year 4 of our relationship. I know so many of us here love our partners to no end, that's why we have/had a relationship with them. The problem is, we love each other so much. My heart wants what it wants. Yes, I know everyone on the internet tells me how much of a jerk he is, you can check my post history. But the thing is, I feel pathetic. He wasn't always like this. I know people have told me, don't wait for him, live your life, don't take him back, and that I will always remember that he left me after cheating, all because he just couldn't handle reconciliation, and realized he wanted to be single. I've seen him cry over this. He keeps saying he's torn with his decision, and wants to have the possibility of reconnecting down the line, even if it's over a year from now. He says i'm his ideal partner, and when he's ready to commmit, he wants to be with me. I'm in my 30s, and prior to all the cheating, I truly saw myself growing old with him. I knew he was the one. Maybe he does need to get his youth that he never had before commitment?
Have any of you taken a break? an extended break? How did it work out?
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2022.01.27 14:33 Redfeather1975 I am getting pop ups alot!

FOr some reason now when I come online to see reddit I get pop ups so much. A pop up about an inbox. A pop up about reddit recap. And pop ups on each sub reddit about getting notifications. I don't know what is going on or how to stop it. I just have to scroll over and click every one but it's been 2 days now of it.
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2022.01.27 14:33 Cyanosa In honor of the new UNSC Falcon Sweep set releasing in ‘22 with a complete Noble Team, I figured I’d show off my Noble Team that I collected organically, one by one! Kinda resent Mega for making us go through all of that work and then releasing a complete team in one box🤣 but oh well.

In honor of the new UNSC Falcon Sweep set releasing in ‘22 with a complete Noble Team, I figured I’d show off my Noble Team that I collected organically, one by one! Kinda resent Mega for making us go through all of that work and then releasing a complete team in one box🤣 but oh well. submitted by Cyanosa to megaconstrux [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 14:33 cooperS67 How much does your Mazda RX8 Vibrate at Idle?

My car has good compression and a healthy ignition system. My car idles around 800-900 RPM which is all normal. I’ve just noticed that the car tends to vibrate slightly irregularly at times, perhaps this is because of a cold engine and freezing ambient temperatures. Just seeing if anyone else has noticed this. Apart from this my car behaves completely normal. This very well could be normal. Just curious.
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2022.01.27 14:33 ElCidVicious Have you decided to skip some lines or even entire navies?

If so which ones and why?
For me it's German DDs. All Dutch ships. The only Pan Asian ship I have is Gadja Mada and it will stay that way.
I also do not play CVs and subs.
I also have no Canadian ships.
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2022.01.27 14:33 hazardxspearshake Cute chick to velociraptor transformation!

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2022.01.27 14:33 geezusgeez DM ME 🍾💰

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2022.01.27 14:33 YouCraftyWitch Say it with me: Pastel Morel

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2022.01.27 14:33 pinkpenguin444 Male coworker is intolerable

My male coworker is absolutely intolerable, and the thought of knowing that I have to continue working with him drives me nuts. We are on the same regional team, so we sometimes work together and sometimes independently.
Despite him being ten years older than me and having much more industry experience, he seems to perceive me as competition. I would always talk openly about my work with him and everyone, but he seems to get upset anytime I am assigned a new project. What I don't understand is that he is also getting projects assigned from our boss. But, he seems to have adopted this idea that I am being favored, but I don't think that's true. I've always been kind and respectful and responsive to our boss but nothing more. I think one thing that upsets me about this is that I had the expectation that my older or more experienced coworkers would be helpful toward me as someone newer in the field. But, instead I am left to figure things out alone. I have made a couple other connections that I feel I can rely on, but I don't feel like I can trust this particular colleague.
Recently, he will send me a message maybe about once a week and ask to call me. He usually calls and talks about some work project or asks questions, but I always feel like his motives are veiled. He will end up just throwing in questions about my approach or suggesting that I might be doing something wrong. For one project, I had to do some cold calling, and I confessed that it was difficult for me since I didn't have a lot of contacts like other members on the team to call. His response was.. oh, that's easy for me with my personality because I just get along with people. This seemed so delusional to me since it seems to me like most people avoid him because they find his personality abrasive. Or, he is just good about being charming to get what he wants, but that's about it. On these calls, it just seems like he finds ways to integrate veiled insults, and I'm starting to really pick up on this pattern.
Now, he has also taken to being the enforcer. He seems to publicly remind the team and myself of different timelines stressing how we need to get work done or move at a quicker pace. This seems unfair to me because I am at capacity. And, he is not the manager. While I have been lagging in one or two projects it is because I have been focusing on others or those that are more urgent. It doesn't seem fair that he can call me or others out without knowing the whole picture. Strangely, my manager seems to tolerate this behavior.
Aside from this, I feel like he tries to dominate every meeting or interaction. I feel like I am constantly interjecting just to get a word in. But, he seems to be annoyed anytime I say something or try to contribute. I would say this is to the detriment of the team as a whole since others participate even less than I do.
Maybe I am venting, but I felt like I needed to express myself in a safe place among women who would understand. I don't know what to do, but I think I am slowly going to go nuts.
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2022.01.27 14:33 Callum_McKnight Car collection? Completed it mate

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2022.01.27 14:33 NFloorez Aurelus Platinum Blitz Fox Unboxing!

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2022.01.27 14:33 IkeInTX LMT & KAC Updates

Hey folks,
Just a heads up that KAC has some 16" SR-15 uppers on the way to us. Our best GUESS is tomorrow or sometime next week.
LMT also has (36) more MARS-L lowers headed our way and we expect them next week as well. 150+ are still backordered.
We currently have LMT Defender rifles in stock
Also Estonia w/ SF warcomps

Standard Estonia
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2022.01.27 14:33 Eiseninator 26M looking for people to hang out, chat. [Friendship]

From Austria. Just looking for new connections, friends and potentially a relationship. Into dnd, gaming, movies (but I don't like watching them alone), hiking and being a couch potato.
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2022.01.27 14:33 JamazSheazer Cenobyte Servitors Invuln Save

Do the Cenobyte Servitors also receive a 4++ Invulnerable Save or is that just for Grimaldus?
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2022.01.27 14:33 No_Promotion_5066 A juicers playlist for my juice lord.. enjoy!

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2022.01.27 14:33 ChristianFoodUtensil Portland Clean Energy Fund expands grant reviews but won’t require background checks

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2022.01.27 14:33 BeauJob08 Posted my setup a few weeks ago. Went out once and immediately upgraded my bindings when I got home. Very excited to try them out this weekend

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2022.01.27 14:33 TECHYIAC 5 Steps to going full time on DAOs

The best thing about working full time is that you can be on a full time position with DAO and still have the freedom to be a contributor to another DAO, as long as it doesn’t affect the DAO you’re in full time on. Imagine working as a dev for Google and going ahead to contribute some code to discord, you’ll probably get fired immediately Google finds out. DAOs are changing the Game, FREEDOM AND OWNERSHIP
Steps to going completely full time on DAOs 1.You need to have some cash run way to live on for about 3 months
Lets call this the “things might be rough” stage. You’re probably not going to get into DAOs today and get a full time role today, lets be honest. So you need some cash to be able to live comfortably for about 3 months (more if possible) this will give you ample time to find what you’re passionate about and start working towards the dream. If you’re feeling confident and “degen-y” quit and go all in, won’t advice you to though.

2.Start your search for a couple DAOs you’ll love to be on full time on.
We’ll call this “Single & searching” stage. You got your 3 months run way, you are confident, lets get started.
There are tons of DAOs with various Goals and ideologies. So you might want to spend a couple weeks searching for 3 to 5 DAOs that you’ll love to be dedicated to. VOICE is the perfect platform for you to get started. Voice helps you Discover and Go Full-time on DAOs. Advice you go for a mix of 2 established DAOs and 2 not so established, new DAOs and maybe 1 risky DAO. Visit Voice here

3.Start contributing
Lets call this the “Experimental” stage. Here you’ll start contributing to the 3 to 5 DAOs you’ve chosen and testing the waters to see where you fit and if you do or don’t vibe with the community. Feel free to leave a DAO if you don’t love the vibe they are giving. Voice also helps with this step
With every DAO listed on Voice, you can see
Token price(if available)
How to Join/Participate
And HOW TO GO FULL TIME ON THE DAO (if there are open positions) updated weekly
This will help you in getting started :P
4.Light at the end of the tunnel
Definitely not all the DAOs you began contributing to will give you a full time role (you might get all, you never know). At this point you already are a known and respected contributor of the DAO. You’re likely getting paid to do some specific tasks, not full time, but earning some governance tokens and participating in governance basically just being a core member of the DAO. Congratulations you’re one step away from Quitting your Job and getting onboard full time. We’ll advice to study the DAO and see if they have the funding and model to hire full time or if they have any sore of plan to hire, its pretty helpful so you know what and what not to expect from a DAO
At this stage constantly check Voice to see if and when your chosen DAO has an Opening, this will help with knowing are they the type that hires?
At this point the DAO core contributors are already talking about you and are impressed, they feel like you are a tangible asset to the future of the DAO. You get a DM, Hey, we’ve been thinking want to come onboard full time? here are the perks will be offering, guess what its 10X your job and 100X more fun.
In a caveat where you don’t get that DM, simply ask the core team if they want you on full time, if you’ve been a fantastic contributor you’ll get a resounding yes. Another route is having a community proposal for you to go full time, if the community loves you and you’ve been helpful, you are getting a yes from the Poll!
Either way you get the Job full time :)
You walk up to your boss, yourself in the mirror, pump your chest and go right to your EX- boss and say the sentence. I QUIT!
Congratulations you’re a full degen and on your way to building a life you love, working with people you love and also long term wealth.
Even with having full time position tons of interesting and innovative DAOs are launching daily and checking Voice on a consistent Basis will really help with Knowing what is out there and also begin contributing to more DAOs.
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2022.01.27 14:33 DemUnderground Man who wore 'Camp Auschwitz' sweatshirt during US Capitol riot pleads guilty

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2022.01.27 14:33 shinypokemongoo Druddigon raid will add as many as I can 3071 1998 7559

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