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Enhance Read Before Abuse

Spread out over 162 hectares in the posh neighbourhood of Trousdale, Beverly Hills, Drake’s stunning new holiday rental is a sight to behold – here’s everything you need to know [1101] The service is experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later. REQ61eeada89c53704d829960006666aa33 The K-drama actress was recently named Gucci’s global ambassador, but she already has a string of high-end brand deals under her belt, with the likes of Chanel, Givenchy and Cartier The official website for Florida Medicaid with information for recipients and providers. Mental and physical health prevention, education and treatment. Read more. Jobs at Union Pacific. Union Pacific is accepting applications for positions in several locations throughout its 23 state territory. See all job openings. Union Pacific Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2021 Results 01/20/22 Union Pacific Railroad and Schneider to Team Up for Intermodal Service in 2023 01/19/22.

2022.01.27 14:57 Business_Cake34 Enhance Read Before Abuse

Hi all so many of you are giving out about talking about enhance in this forum. It should be encouraged this shows other projects how huge the safemoon army is with enhance currently mooning we are earning safemoon for supporting them. We should be aiming to attract more projects like this with similar reflection set ups. This is only the tip of the iceberg with safemoon swap on our wallet imagine the possibilities when we get our exchange
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2022.01.27 14:57 karma_nder Bud Light announced a new, "zero net carb" beer today

Bud Light announced a new zero carb beer today, with 80 calories per serving, and 4% abv. To be clear, this is being marketed as a BEER, not seltzer or any of those alternatives.
Just wanted to share with everyone. I read up on the website and I don't see too much info about how they accomplished this. Specifically they have a FAQ section:

How did you make a beer with zero carbs?
Does a magician ever share their secrets? Never!​ What we can share is - Through advances in techniques and technology, we have brewed a beer with zero carbs and a refreshing, super crisp flavor that we know you’ll love. Made with quality ingredients, including malted barley and rice.
Anyways, I'll for sure be picking up a 12 pack to try once I see them. I prefer beer to seltzers/mixed drink. Really hoping the taste is there and the "zero net carbs" is accurate.
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2022.01.27 14:57 BlitzChainsawDD Singularity Void/ Voidwalker/ Black Horizon/ Wormhole Rift/ Vacuum Decay (need condition ideas)

hatsu: Singularity Void
nen type: conjuration
the user conjures a large empty nen space that acts as a vacuum for matter and has no gravity, this is used in all of the other sub hatsu
sub hatsu: Voidwalker
the user conjures a suite of black armour with a black visor akin to a space suit
the inside of Voidwalker acts as a nen space entrance and exit, allowing the user to not suffocate in Singularity Void as well as being able to abandon the armour at a moment's notice whilst using it as a decoy
sub hatsu: Black Horizon
the user conjures a large scythe which has a blade that acts as a nen space entrance but does not allow anything to go from the nen space out, including the parts of the objects that it slices
sub hatsu: Wormhole Rift
the user creates a nen space entrance in the real world by slashing the area with Black Horizon, these nen spaces can be opened and closed by the user
sub hatsu: Vacuum Decay
the user completely opens the nen space and sends everything inside to an exit
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2022.01.27 14:57 CNE_Treavor Idle Champions Reddit Q&A #179

### Good morning! Community Manager Treavor here to answer your questions! But before we get started a few updates.

Some fun things are going on in the in-game store! These include:

* Ricochet the Crocodile Hatchling Familiar: What do you need to distract a town full of crocodile-loving bullywugs? Why some hatchlings in parachutes, of course!

* Champions of Renown Year 4 All-Star Pack: This pack unlocks the following event Champions if you haven't already unlocked them in-game: Orkira, Talin, Baeloth, Hew Maan, & Ellywick. This pack includes the exclusive Vahm-Pyre Skin for Hew Maan, as well as 16 Hew Maan Gold Chests, with two guaranteed Shiny Equipment cards, 16 Orkira Gold Chests with two guaranteed Shiny Equipment cards, 16 Talin Gold Chests with two guaranteed Shiny Equipment cards, 16 Baeloth Gold Chests, with two guaranteed Shiny Equipment cards, and 16 Ellywick Gold Chests, with two guaranteed Shiny Equipment cards.

* Lunar Sale: Select items are discounted in the in-game store! You can also check out our [blog post](

# Idle Champions Roadmap

*Note: all dates are tentative and subject to change.*

## Updates
* Wild Beyond the Witchlight, Part 3 launched yesterday!

## Time Gate Weekend
* The next natural Time Gate weekend is this weekend! Things kick off on January 28th.

## Events

* **Grand Revel** returns the week of February 2nd.
* **Fleetswake** returns the week of February 21st.

## Champions

* [Redacted]: Stay tuned.

## The Last Q&A:

* [Q&A #178](https://www.\_champions\_community\_qa\_178/)

## Next Community Q&A: Thursday, February 3rd at 10AM Pacific.
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2022.01.27 14:57 corgi_worshipper Anilungus abruzzese

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2022.01.27 14:57 map_bkk Accountability

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2022.01.27 14:57 Astronaut_J TikTok

If “Someone” was going to hack into someone else’s TikTok to delete it, what precaution should they make? (They deserve it, child endangerment) trying to stop future problems without it looking like I’m involved
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2022.01.27 14:57 ZellRell Random redditor trying to defend r/antiwork moderator who flopped the FOX interview

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2022.01.27 14:57 theradiomatt What's the dirt on Patrick King and other convoy leaders?

I've seen some of King's live streams, his claims that Trudeau flew out of the country for vacation in 2021 (which he never did back up with the proof he claimed he had), and I've read some news articles about him appearing to counter protest at an anti-racism event. I wish I had recorded/screen capped them.
Anyone have any good screen caps or links showing connection between King (or others leading the movement), white nationalist groups, Yellow Vest/United We Roll, and WEXIT?
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2022.01.27 14:57 wifiworker Anyone working on a mod to enable MK7 e-golf charge management functions on MIB1, OBDII or through bluetooth?

My 2015 Egolf Sel-Prem infotainment center does not have option for car management like newer models have. I am unable to set min and max charge levels, time to departure or warmup options.
Without car-net going forward, these will no longer be accessible.
I am wondering if anyone has a solution even if paid that enables these features to be turned on or managed, even through OBDII? I figured that possibly someone has either enabled OBDII app controls or figured out how to yank out the Car-net module and modify it, or install a rasberry pi that can turn wifi or even support a sim dongle so you can talk to the car, but I have not seen anything. Someone suggested a swap to a MIB2 or Discovery unit that has been modified might be able to do this, however it is an expensive solution and seems there could be something easier or more extensive in functionality.
Curious to know if anyone has anything out there?
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2022.01.27 14:57 Sircraigory Trying to figure out what type of cichlid this one is. Had to move it, was getting beat up. It’s about 7”

Trying to figure out what type of cichlid this one is. Had to move it, was getting beat up. It’s about 7” submitted by Sircraigory to Cichlid [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 14:57 JECGizzle Auction site sent wrong lot - costs more to get same product elsewhere

(Scots law), although would be interested what the position would be in Eng and Welsh law
Hi all
Bought something from an online booze auction website (a reputable one!). They sent me the wrong lot, and sent my bottle elsewhere (and ostensibly can't get it back). The product isn't available in many places and it will cost me 16 percent more to get it from the only place I can find it online.
They state they are not liable for the extra costs I will incur buying the bottle elsewhere, just refunding me the cost of the bottle and other fees. Is this correct?
The extra cost is minor (c10 quid, so arguably not worth the effort and cost of the Scottish version of the small claims route), but would be interested out of general legal curiosity, and to form a view as to whether I would want to do business with them again(Or, if there is any advice on a proportionate way of requesting the money from them)
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2022.01.27 14:57 kaenguruenrique ich🪖iel

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2022.01.27 14:57 PinkManApple PSA 9 Downtown Chase & PSA 6 Mac Jones auto /99

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2022.01.27 14:57 tf2animecheater Eli Apple on twitter the past 3 days

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2022.01.27 14:57 scsal01 Se apegando rápido demais, infelizmente

Conheci uma moça semana passada. Saímos e rolou, foi umas das melhores experiências que tive.
E no começo, estava seguro que não me apaixonaria por ela ou desenvolveria sentimentos. Pena que não durou muito tempo.
A ausência dela já ativou o pior da insegurança em mim. Não somos namorados nem combinamos algo sério (nem deu tempo pra isso), mas a ideia de que ela possa estar com outras pessoas começou a me consumir.
Se apenas eu não fosse um bobão que se apaixona rápido.
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2022.01.27 14:57 speedrain098 [Spoiler][NEO] Tamiyo, Compleated Sage

Tamiyo, Compleated Sage - 2GUϕ
Legendary Planeswalker - Tamiyo
+1: Tap up to one target artifact or creature. It doesn't untap during its controller's next untap step.
-X: Exile target nonland permanent card with mana value X from your graveyard. Create a token that's a copy of that card.
-7: Create Tamiyo's Notebook, a legendary colorless artifact token with "Spells you cast cost 2 less to cast" and "T: Draw a card."
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2022.01.27 14:57 joeblvck Russian Leo Messi regen

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2022.01.27 14:57 gingerfication Tips for setting up proxy project to work between Mac and PC?

My wife and I are expecting our first child and he will need to spend a significant time in the NICU. I want to set myself up to be able to continue editing some wedding videos. My main editing PC is windows but I will be bringing my Macbook Pro to the NICU. I've had some success editing small videos back and forth and in between my machines but never multiple full projects. Any tips on setting up my proxy files and project folder to be readable between both Mac and Windows? I've been getting some 'Files not readable' messages on my Mac when attempting to open my .mov proxy files I created on my Windows PC and not sure of the workaround.
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2022.01.27 14:57 Wonderfulminju Any target space other than arm?

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2022.01.27 14:57 farmathekarma Trimmed and groomed with a proper attempt for the first time. Recommendations?

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2022.01.27 14:57 RobyMac85 Stupid question - how can I see prior games played?

I thought you used to be able to look at your prior games played? The scores, opponents, etc. Where is this?
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2022.01.27 14:57 someguy69420nice What can we do?

I'm not super tech savvy but is there a way we can replace the mods? Make the sub public again? Yes the interview was terrible, yes we took an L, but I think this community is too important for everyone to just leave to find new subs. We need to make this sub more transparent and more democratic. If a mod doesn't listen to the voices of the sub, there should be a way we could remove them. I know not all of this might be possible on the platform, but I think it's important now more than ever for us to come together and build this back better.
This sub has given me so much hope, I've been working most of my life and honestly we need to change our system. The best way to do that is with an open and united group. We need to make the sub public, we need mods who will listen to what everyone says, but most of all we need to stick together, the anti work movement can't just die out because of one bad interview.
I don't have some grand solution to all our problems, but I know of we all stay together and work together we can have a better tomorrow.
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2022.01.27 14:57 Sweet_Pension_4806 Pain

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2022.01.27 14:57 santaclarablue Aside from the Super Bowl winning throw/drive, what are the best moments from Ben Roethlisberger’s career?

Aside from the Super Bowl winning throw/drive, what are the best moments from Ben Roethlisberger’s career?
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