Judging the social climate in lectures

2022.01.27 13:51 Then_Juice9932 Judging the social climate in lectures

Wanted to get a feel for how people viewed being social in in-person lectures
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2022.01.27 13:51 OkAcadia5805 I feel frauded by TT/Credit Karma...signed up for an account based on the advance only to be rejected!

I am receiving quite a large return this year, but it's needed more than ever due to my situation. I signed up while filing and I met all the criteria for the loan (I don't think it considered my VA disability which is my only income other than child support as "income" for some reason) . I owe nothing to the IRS, my ex is in contempt for refusing to pay child support, and there's no more ACTC. I have no clue why I've been accepted for a 10k refund but couldn't even get 1k or $500 advanced to me.
Then to add insult to injury, credit karma sends me my new spend card and new account info that I apparently have opened for no reason now, then sends me emails encouraging me to add money onto the card so I can use it.
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2022.01.27 13:51 BatarianPreacher It really do be like that

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2022.01.27 13:51 BotDefense overview for Pale_Western_5557

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2022.01.27 13:51 LivingHeight Not sure if I should lower my calorie intake or missing something

For the last 10 days I've been hovering between 222.0 and 222.8 lbs. My budget is usually around 1670 cal on LoseIt and my TDEE is 2185. So I've been thinking my deficit is in a pretty good spot especially with running/biking 4-5x per week. I make sure to exclude calories from exercise so I don't eat them back. At the end of each week, I'm under my weekly budget by 200-300 calories (nothing crazy but definitely not in the red). I feel like I'm going about things the right way with meal prepping, exercise and staying under but the scale won't budge!
I know plateaus are completely normal but I feel like there might be a piece I'm missing or maybe I just need to lower my calorie intake a smidge? I'll add that I'm really happy with my progress this month (first full month without holidays) since I've gone from 226.8 to 222.2 and lots of non-scale victories! Just really want to get to my first milestone of 219.4 and its so close! The last time this happened it lasted 6-7 days then boom down 2-3lbs but 10 days is making me think I might be missing something. I know 10 days isn't a big deal for a stall since they can be much longer but it feels long to me lol Thanks for any advice!
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2022.01.27 13:51 pats9789 Question about Hirschfelden COTW

I heard hunting for geese is very profitable I'm trying to finish a few challenges across most reserves that require massive amounts of cash (90k for rifles 40k for another). I'm getting there slowly but it's just a incredible grind I have done missions on Hirschfelden but haven't seen a single goose besides them flying over head. They don't spawn in bodies of water are they normally just on land and the sky? Am I missing a DLC? I have checked the DLCs and nothing about geese besides the Duck and Cover DLC (I have it) but that's just few weapons blinds and decoys (decoys are trash). Maybe I just need to shoot them out of the sky? Kinda lost here 😅
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2022.01.27 13:51 Puzzled_Breath6222 Hi . We are the Forkers. Nice to meet you

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2022.01.27 13:51 do-not-spill-this Settle a bet.

Which Pokémon reminds you of Draco Malfoy more?
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2022.01.27 13:51 Mlotik Long shot but worth a try..

It’s gonna be my first Tool show and I’m really set on getting a poster for this show. So I was looking for help grabbing one. I will be there early but I’m afraid that it’s not gonna be early enough. I was seeing if anyone is able to help me out and grab an extra. I can compensate in beers or money. Also looking for a ticket for the CO springs tomorrow. I’ll be hitting that show alone so if anyone has an extra ticket they’re letting go I’ll take it. Thank you all and wishing everyone a great fucking Tool day. Cheers 👁
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2022.01.27 13:51 MarorZ Espero que le gusten a juan son un poco cutres es porque estoy empezando en el photo sho

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2022.01.27 13:51 Commercial-Ride-6002 Why can't i megajump?

Always been megajumping with space+shift+x but I just joined a game and I found my self unable to mega jump. I left that server and joined a different server and it still wasn't working. What happened (all the buttons on my keyboard work. I can sprint, jump and type words with the letter x in them)
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2022.01.27 13:51 therollingfog The Flemming Curse || Thursday, January 27th, 2022

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2022.01.27 13:51 ragingnoob123 Hey frank is this a visual big and are the games going into club league

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2022.01.27 13:51 LMFA0 Time to call in sick

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2022.01.27 13:51 Danwaka TIL that the Ottomans refused to recognize the Partition of Poland. Whenever Austrian, German and Russian ambassadors met with the Sultan, a court official would ceremonially inquire as to the absence of Poland's ambassador and give an excuse of "vital impediments" to the Sultan.

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2022.01.27 13:51 Someoneyoumetonce Burn

I Burn.
This is my existence. This is my purpose. This is all I want.
I live for the burning.
The hours I sleep when I am un-needed are agony when they rob me of it.
The moments when I am extinguished so they may pump my corpse with nutrient are agony.
I Burn.
I Burn into the black. I Burn for humanity. I Burn for our future.
This is my existence. This is my purpose. This is all I want.
I Burn until I am an ember only, the bonfire long past.
My existence. My purpose. All I want. Gone.
But my corpse may yet serve, my ember may yet stoke other fires.
I Burn, but no longer able to fulfill my great purpose, no longer raging into the black, and so they rip me from my hearth.
I wake, and I weep.
Were we the greatest race, no, that was the Hopian, long since gone, long before the black. They rose from nothing, they bound the races of the universe together, they gave us gifts of technology, of worlds, of light. They left, they said they could not rule forever that they must leave so that younger races may rule, they called us their children.
We were not our father’s sons, not our mother's daughters.
Were we the strongest, no, that was the Craken, who care not for the heat we need, they are ecosystems unto themselves, at home in the black. They ride their fortress worlds uncaring to others who cannot survive like them.
Were we the wisest, no, that was Illethi, who enclosed their systems in pearls when the black came. Nothing in, nothing out endlessly recycled so they might survive. They said that they could throw back the black, that all they need is time, they speak no longer.
Were we the most numerous, no, that was the Beet, who ate. Pebbles, rocks, boulders, planets, they are an avalanche. They would have consumed all, after their agri-worlds failed their hunger, but they are as lost as we in the black.
Were we the most faithful, yes. We had no plan, not as a race, not as a whole. We knew it was coming but we thought it the end, thought it inevitable. We splintered, each with their own ideas, solutions, answers, our own faiths.
Some had faith in their might, that they could beat all others into submission, that they could form a coalition with the edge of a blade. Thier blade shattered upon the pearls, nothing in, nothing out. They yet float, raging into the black, but their fury does not burn hot enough to save them.
Some had faith in their technology, that they too could enclose their systems and prevent entropy. They are flawed broken things, their mastery not enough to halt entropy completely, even now they float in the black, leaking doomed, or consumed by the Beet.
Some had faith in Gods, they said the stars were their eyes. I know this to be true, for they watch no more, their eyes have long since burnt out.
We were the most faithful, yes, and our faiths were broken upon the wheel, each in turn, by each turn.
We sat in the black, no light left, so we used their first and last gift. We placed ourselves in the hearth of our last house and we set our souls alight. We burn in the black, each of us in turn, so that humanity might live for we know there is no kingdom left for us to inherit in the thereafter.
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2022.01.27 13:51 jth711 Question for hiring manager/owner of a company in UAE

I have a few questions that I need to ask someone who has hiring experience in UAE. I’m considering starting a company in UAE and would appreciate if someone can answer some of my questions.
Pm me if you have hiring experience or own a company in UAE.
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2022.01.27 13:51 bagsjohnson [WTS] FS Summit bags, Kifaru Pull-outs

Looking to sell these as packaged deals not separately. Prices include shipping within the CONUS.

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2022.01.27 13:51 septic_sergeant Utterly confused

Hey all,
So learning general radio coms and ham radio has always been on my “to learn” list.
I’m finally making the plunge to do it. I’ve purchased a Yaseau FT-60R and I do plan on at least getting my technicians license.
With that said, before I even begin to think about getting my exam, I want to learn about radio communications at a very high general level. I see so many different acronyms, words, and concepts that I can’t begin to understand. I’ve searched for learning resources on this sub but most recommendations seemed geared towards taking an exam or a specific learning track. I’m in the phase of not knowing what I don’t know and not knowing how to learn.
I’m wondering if someone can recommend a resource that is more along the lines of “here’s how radios work, how they are used, and all the different types”.
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2022.01.27 13:51 peboyce Mamiya RZ67, 110mm f2.8, Kodak TriX 400

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2022.01.27 13:51 Disruptr_IPA Whatever happened to that Bungie Survey?

Remember a couple of months ago when Bungie was emailing people about a Destiny survey that would pay out in gift cards? Did anyone on here actually get chosen for it? I filled out the initial questionnaire and never got chosen I guess. Just wondering if anyone did and what it entailed.
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2022.01.27 13:51 Barfly2007 Wall Street Mole....#AMC #MOASS

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2022.01.27 13:51 osubuckeye2019 🔳🔴HIGHLY KNOWLEDGEABLE🔵🔴████🔳🔴🔵🔴███MATH █🔳🔴🔵🔴████🔳🔳🔴🔵🔴████🔳🔴🔵TUTOR🔴████🔳🔴🔵🔴████🔳🔳🔴🔵🔴████🔳🔴🔵🔴████🔳🔴🔵🔴████🔳

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2022.01.27 13:51 True_Air_6696 Why does Rosaria get so much attention and heat over censorship and not Ganyu?

I've seen countless people complaining, or rather saying that it's straight up shit bc of how revealing it is, how it looks like a stripper. Well, I've never seen anyone saying the same thing about Ganyu, when arguably she's more revealing and have been in the game longer than Rosaria.
Ganyu was released before Rosaria(1.2 vs 1.4), and appeared in the story before Rosaria as well (1.0 vs 1.3). Rosaria have been in this situation twice now (boob nerf incident and now this). Maybe it's bc Ganyu's a limited 5 star? idk
I do like Rosaria's alt outfit. I find it really well designed but that doesn't mean I support the censorship bs.
And this whole situation is just sad. like some of the characters in games like PGR or FGO have way more revealing outfits than ANY of Genshin's characters, and PGR is a Chinese game. I don't mean to drag other games down like Genshin but cmon, this shit isn't worth censoring.
I'm sorry this post is all over the place, just need a place to vent.
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2022.01.27 13:51 AddequateAnal Wanted to purchase the Need For Speed: Ultimate Bundle but...

Hey there,
I was browsing the PS store, via the mobile app, and discovered the Need For Speed: Ultimate bundle and wanted to purchase it.
However, when I went onto the PS store, via my PS5, I could not find this item at all. I tried searching for it, adding it to my cart/wishlist (via mobile, where it was visible) etc. but nothing seemed to work, it would not show up.
My question is, since I cannot see this item on my PS5, if I were to purchase it, would I even be able to play it on my PS5? I know each game in the bundle is playable on PS5 but am just unsure about purchasing them through said bundle.
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