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Very Unique Situation, would like advice

2022.01.27 15:26 jaystergotsauce Very Unique Situation, would like advice

Hey guys, so basically like the title says, I am in a very unique situation with regards to some chest pressure and palpitations I’ve been having recently.
I was born with pectus excavatum, and this past june I had a surgery to correct it where they put a bar in my chest to push out the sternum. Obviously, this caused a lot of pain at the time, but over the months it has improved. A few weeks ago, I started having episodes of palpitations and an overall feeling of pressure and something being just off in my chest. Granted, at this time I was ramping up my core work and cardio, so maybe it was just the movement aggravating the bar.
I have since had ECG’s, blood work, and an xray done, all fine, and what’s more it’s impossible to do an mri because the metal bar interferes with the imaging and makes it unreadable. I have also had health anxiety for most of my life, so I can’t help but think that might be playing into it too. I get pain when I move in certain ways, though I can’t tell if it’s heart pain or bar pain. Any advice? The bar is getting taken out in 2 years, but I obviously don’t want to be a vegetable until then. Thanks🤙
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2022.01.27 15:26 Nacroleptic_Owl They are secretly happy 😈😈😈

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2022.01.27 15:26 ComplaintDeep7643 I have an official OpenBSD 3.7 3 CD set ... does it worth something today ?

While ordering my man-cave, i found this old CD set on a box.
It's almost mint condition (there's only one small plastic clip broken on the 2d CD support).
Do you think i could interest someone ?
(Regarding collections, i prefer car or motorbike than CDs ;-p)
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2022.01.27 15:26 Expanse64 Let's Move On to What's Important

Ok. We all just need to relax & take a breath before getting back to what's important: quitting our stupid jobs!
Just kidding! Geez, relax
What's really important is realizing our worth as employees. Thanks to this sub, I feel a tiny bit more power. I no longer feel trapped by my stupid dead end job, which is just that. A job. Not my life. Not my worth as a human. It's a job. If I am treated unfairly, I will voice my concern and, if necessary, walk. I am always just 1 piss me off away from quitting anyway. There will be other opportunities. I have no loyalty to my job just as they have no loyalty to me.
Ignore the questionable actions of the mods. They are not our leaders. It was inevitable that there would either be some misteps, at best, or some corporate fuckery. Mods are not infallible & corporations fear us.
We can still support each other in realizing our worth. Let's get back on track!
You are worthy of respect, fair treatment, a living wage, & being heard. Don't accept anything less
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2022.01.27 15:26 Planes4Ever Is this a glitch?

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2022.01.27 15:26 AntoniettaMooneyham Maple Floki Stealth Launched! Based on Elon Musk tweet! To Give Everyone A Fair Shot! 100% community token, get ready to blasting!

Maple Floki

The beauty of Maple Floki, is the community decides everything....future roadmap/whitepaper, website, logo, CMC/Coingecko applications etc.

Why Maple Floki?
It is just amazing and the community is just as great! This is far way better from other defi tokens as it’s determined team is putting 100% in this community driven project that rewards the users for particularly holding for long run . We are not aiming to provide short term profits for holders, but a reliable asset for long term investors .

100% safu, long term legit project .
Potential Admin Team from all over the world 🌎
This token can definitely be next moonshot we have been waiting for.
Fast growing telegram 🚀
Giveaways at every single milestone .
Huge marketing coming once target holders is reached.
Tiktok influencers coming 🔥
Coinsniper ads soon✅
Coinhunt ads soon
Liquidity pool has been forever burned 🔥 which means developers can’t rug anyone .
Ownership has been renounced ,meaning no one can change the settings of the address.

100% verified contract -

Tg- https://t.me/maplefloki
Website - TBA

This project is SAFU. This project is fun. This project will have a big day. This project will have a big future.
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2022.01.27 15:26 Aesblue Has anyone ever cancelled a purchase order?

I ordered a new car but I have decided to cancel it as I find inconvenient to buy a car currently. The manager returned half of my deposit but there wasn’t any paperwork or anything for me to sign. Did I get scammed? How do I know if he truly cancelled it? I want to ensure that when the car arrives that I am not liable to pay for it anymore.
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2022.01.27 15:26 SkinnyReject 20 seconds on a motorcycle that I'll never forget

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2022.01.27 15:26 awstpiffttiatcof This is a little unfair, there’s only one route up and I’m huntress

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2022.01.27 15:26 SaltyDemon_ God Of War - Part 14 - Inside The Mountain

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2022.01.27 15:26 JZappy Micro cock

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2022.01.27 15:26 eifjui [Education] Consensus & Thoughts on "Expensive" vs. Graduate Programs that are Less So

Hey All,
I'm currently a post-bacc student working and taking courses in calculus and linear algebra to prepare for a Statistics/Applied Math graduate program, and I'm far enough in the process to start building a rough list of programs. I've found that you could credibly put programs into two categories, State Schools that won't break the bank *as much* vs Private Institutions that are noticeably more expensive.
If I have this somewhat correctly, the consensus regarding State schools if that they're a bit more generous with funding and grants (schools like Ohio State and Uni. of Kentucky come to mind,) but private institutions certainly have a name brand (i.e. Columbia, Stanford, etc.) and are in more economically competitive areas you could say (i.e. New York, SF, etc.)
My question is, do these private/more expensive institutions end up paying for themselves in the medium or long run, at least in a general sense, or does it depend more on the student? Is there any of type of consensus view here, or is it too varied to say?
Happy to expand on any of the above thoughts, and thank you all!
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2022.01.27 15:26 yerawizardarry394 Which outfits look better on the villagers than their default outfits?

I remember that there was a post on here about certain villagers looking better in outfits the op chose for them (for example, Francine looking better in the aqua polka dot tee, Julian looking better in the Grandoise Jacket, Chrissy in the Bubblegum Tee, and Maddie in the Old-Timey dress).
However, since I can't find it, and it was made a while ago, I was wondering if anyone had any outfits they put the villagers in that fit them better than their default ones?
A few of mine are: Muffy : Grape-Stripe Shirt Gloria : Argyle Pendant Dress (+ Floppy Hat) Eloise : Pancake Parlor Uniform
Let me know if any of you can think of any you'd like to share!
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2022.01.27 15:26 abrownm5 Steam sale on Now!

RS2014 RM 70% off.
So far only the base game is discounted, will update the thread when/if the DLC goes on sale.
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2022.01.27 15:26 wkitty13 Religious Trauma Processing Group - has anyone attended these & what is your opinion on how effective they are?

Hey guys, I just got an email that Corner Canyon Counseling is offering religious trauma group therapy sessions this spring and I'm wondering if anyone has attended these kinds of group therapies (or from this specific therapy clinic) & how did you feel about it?
I was happy to see that they are offering them over Zoom so you don't have to risk covid, but I'm trying to decide if $300 for the 10 sessions is worth my time & money. I've done individual therapy in the past and have been considering starting it back up, because apparently when the tscc screws you up it's for life (yay!) but I haven't done group therapy before.
Any opinions on this?
Religious Trauma Process Group | Corner Canyon Counseling
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2022.01.27 15:26 DependentTouch5064 Went Second :3 Ima really bad photographer, I always miss a pic ;-;. Anyways I got a hydra and I gave them a golden santa paws and a golden silver dragon.

Went Second :3 Ima really bad photographer, I always miss a pic ;-;. Anyways I got a hydra and I gave them a golden santa paws and a golden silver dragon. submitted by DependentTouch5064 to CrossTrading_inRoblox [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 15:26 Editor_Remote MMA Free Fight - Fat Guy Finished In Under a Minute

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2022.01.27 15:26 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - Strong economic growth wrecks the GOP’s gloom-and-doom spin | Washington Post

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2022.01.27 15:26 lnys test // suicidal thread flair

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2022.01.27 15:26 TeamFabulous7897 What’s special about the Mitchell & Ness Hardwood Classics 75th Anniversary Diamond Swingman? Thinking to buy some but can’t see clearly what is printing on the name and numbers by the pic on Fanatics

I’m in Canada so I don’t want to return it because it is such a hassle
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2022.01.27 15:26 Brad239 (Selling) Anatomy of a Murder 4K, Oliver! 4K, Stripes 4K, Taxi Driver 4K, 300 4K, Arrival 4K, Gattaca 4K, Gladiator 4K, Home Alone 4K, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, The Shawshank Redemption 4K, Underworld, and several Disney/Marvel/Star Wars 4Ks and HDs

All codes listed here were tested recently, and I will double check them all again before a transaction is made. If interested, please comment here first and I will PM you with my payment information.
Prices are firm for individual titles. I will take $1 off each code after the first. Payment made by Paypal F&F or Amazon gift card.

4K/HD Titles

Split HD Disney Codes (GP codes port to MA)
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2022.01.27 15:26 SillyStringBean18 (serious) How do you get the best smooth pubic hair shave without stubble and little to no irritation?

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2022.01.27 15:26 Jeff_Chileno Can people end up on a Govt/FBI/CIA/etc watchlist depending on people’s search engine searches &/or web/app activity? If I create a new search engine app/site, wouldn’t my cooperation be needed to implement, using my site/app, a watchlist for such?

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2022.01.27 15:26 Theoxarhs Meta post - Τα ποστ με τον σπιτονοικοκυρη ειναι το ελληνικο candlejack

Ή το drop on the floor do the dinosaur, ή τα bel air stories.
Αν δεν γνωριζετε ειναι παλιες μοδες με ιστοριες (greentexts), οι οποιες σε τραβαγαν να διαβασεις την ιστορια και στο τελος καπως εδεναν με συγκεκριμενες φρασεις.
Μπραβο, τα καταφερατε, τιμιο ελληνικο μημ.
Σας αγαπαω ολους
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2022.01.27 15:26 FemboyDaisyyy Opening up

I really want to open up to some of my friends about wanting to be a femboy but on the other hand I really don’t idk what it is but I feel like something bad would just happen if I do open up but I really want to unless it me just being paranoid idk
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