What type of unique gameplay mechanics would other Adventure Path have?

2021.11.27 07:43 uncertein_heritage What type of unique gameplay mechanics would other Adventure Path have?

In Kingmaker we had a kingdom management system and in WOTR we have a kingdom management and a HOMM style army management, what other type of gameplay would be appropriate for the other Adventure Paths?
Especially curious of the Ironfang invasion, Rise of the runelords, and council of thieves since that's the AP most discussed by people in threads for the next game.
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2021.11.27 07:43 BandWagonGSY The Nightmare

The Nightmare
"Mummm" he screamed until his lungs were sore
His blankets wrapped tight like a suit of armour
He scanned the contents of his floor
And prayed that as she entered it wouldn't harm her
"Yes" a reply floated through through the key hole
"Are you alright in there my dear"
Other than something wanting to swallow him whole
He was having the time of his life in here
The light flicked on
Shadows dispersed
Monsters gone
But he still feared the worst
"It was there I swear, long just like a snake"
Mum smiled and tried to hold in a sigh
"Are you sure you haven't made a mistake"
As she recovered his school neck tie
He pouted , "that's not what I meant"
Arms crossed, head down, eyes set
"Before you came in, it must have went"
She patted his arm, "Don't get upset"
"Anywhere else that they could be?"
He nodded and pointed to the cupboard
She stood and crossed the room elegantly
Opened the door, he waited to see what she discovered.
"It was tall, and long with claws on each hand"
Mum laughed and gave him a wink
She pulled out a jumper with torn sleeves in long strands
"Is that what you saw do you think?"
"No no no, this is all just so wrong
These things only come out at night
Maybe they'll all be hidden as long
As long as we've left on the light"
With two long strides
And a flick of the wrist
Mum's smile was wide
"Well if you insist"
Now in the dark
"Explain them again"
He went from the start
Things went quiet, but then
"It had long sinewy arms"
Mum started to shake
"And claws that could harm"
Her bones clicked and took shape
"Teeth long, eyes red"
Her jaws began to stretch
"No ears but holes instead"
She obliged with each breath
The list went on and as he looked up
He felt foolish for believing these Night scares
He started to speak but then he shut up
By the door, listening close was
… the nightmare.
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2021.11.27 07:43 stakeprophet Where are all of the DEX stop loss options?

Is there any DEX or other solution to place a stop loss without a CEX other than bogged or unidexbot? This can be for any ecosystem other than ETH, but preferably on something like FTM, Terra, AVAX, or Polygon.
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2021.11.27 07:43 LucarioGamesCZ Right side of headphones not playing some instruments - what can i do?

My headphones suddenly stopped playing some instruments on their right side. The problem is most glaring on the song "Stairway to Heaven" be Led Zeppelin. My right side of headphones literally doesn't play the guitar, but plays other instruments in that song just fine. I am very concerned because my headphones are just 3 months old and i threw the old ones out for a very similar reason (Left side died on the old ones). Is there anything i can do or am i screwed?
I tried other headphones on my pc, no issue. When i flip the headphones on my ears the problem moves to the other side.
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2021.11.27 07:43 drynionph ✨ Metaverse Doge ✨ | The First Ever Defi Metaverse Doge | CERTIK audit DONE | Game P2E being developed | ⚡ Launching Now on BSC | Low market cap | Huge potential ✨

In a galaxy far far away on the planet Nakamoto, resides a cyber gunslinger named MetaVerse Doge and his team of Meta-Memes. Help fight away galactic scammers heading towards Nakamoto by collecting and utlilizing Meta-NFT cards.
Market cap is holding steady at 1.65m and project has not been listed yet on CMC and Coingecko, ready to explode!✨
Buy rare NFTs from our Meta Chest that are used in game. The rarer the NFT the more points you can gain!
Players who hold suitable METAVERSE DOGE NFT’s will NOT ONLY be able to invest in a unique or desirable NFT property, but will ALSO get access to the following: Common, Rare, Ultra rare and LEGENDARY.
Future marketing plans:
- Coinsniper And Coinhunter Listings
- Telegram Call Channels
- Daily Posts On Reddit Cms
- Daily Twitter Posts
- Twitter Influence+rs
- Poocoin Ads
- Cmc & Cg Application
- Dextools Trending
- Group Shilling And Contests
- Meme Contests And Giveaways
- Bsc Ads
Liquidity is locked for 3 months and LP tokens are burned forever.
Buy tax 6%
Sell tax 11%
Marketing strategies will focus on media content that will bind us into the ever-evolving fabric of the metaverse. $MVDOGE is a community driven token, to be a part of our communal web, join us on our telegram group to keep up to date with current news.
✅ Owner will video Doxx ✅
☕ NFT’S ☕
〽️ P2E Game 〽️
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SC 100 - HC 200!! Max 1 BNB!!
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⚔️ Website: https://metaversedoge.in/
⚔️ Telegram: https://t.me/MetaVerseDogeOfficial
⚔️ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Meta\_DogeBSC
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2021.11.27 07:43 Revolutionary_Cup97 👑 $KingShiba Stealth launched minutes ago 🐶 | LP Locked + Ownership Renounced 🔐 | Token of the Day 💰 | Legit 10,000% Potential Explosion 🌙

Tired of getting rugged? Or honeypotted? You are in the right place. The owner has renounced ownership (can’t change contract), and has locked away all liquidity (can’t rugpull), it’s what you’ve been searching for all day! If you are reading the thread after the moment it was posted, that means you’re as early as possible. 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
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If you’re in doubt whether you should pour money into this, keep in mind it’s unruggable due to having LP locked and ownership renounced. It’s 100% legit!
❗️ 1% fee auto add to the liquidity pool to locked forever when selling or buying
❗️ 7% redistribution to holders
❗️ 2% marketing
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❗️ Supply 1,000,000,000
Contract: 0x1d1822c764e4eb036db76899b8612d574411c0e8
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Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x1d1822c764e4eb036db76899b8612d574411c0e8#readContract
Liquidty locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x7614075da5398E4bb2B5A460D43842804Ac634B2
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2021.11.27 07:43 yellowsourcandy born in hk and raised in shenzhen yet my canto skills are worse than SpongeBob’s driving skills.

I was adopted by white parents when I was twelve(I’m 18 now) and slowly assimilated into speaking american english only. I left shenzhen when I was enrolled in 6th grade so my mandarin skills remained proficient, I’d say I’m at 2nd grade level if not lower. I can read and listen in mandarin without a problem, but speaking and writing takes some extra effort. However, my canto skills went down the drain drastically:( I literally can only count to ten, call someone a bitch, or a bastard in canto. It is so embarrassing when I tell people I’m from hk and sz then they asked if I speak cantoese and I’m just like…….(⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎) I would love to be better at mandarin but what’s more important to me is to learn my mother tongue cantonese. Any suggestions my people?!
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2021.11.27 07:43 JustGame36 Is it bad that i know 100 pornstar names on top of my head and why?

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2021.11.27 07:43 juniorasparagus13 Reaching out to GF’s therapist

My girlfriend told me that she was planning to die by suicide on the 29 and shared two possible ways she would do it. I know one of the big triggers for this was money related, so I’m trying to avoid things like an ER trip and an ambulance bill but I feel like she meets criteria for an involuntary hold (she has intent, plan, access, and a timeframe). Would it be crossing a line to reach out to her therapist and let the therapist know what’s going on? I know the therapist couldn’t tell me anything since there’s no ROI. I’m just trying to keep my girlfriend alive. I know mobile crisis is an option, but my girlfriend has lied to get out of a psych stay with mobile crisis before. I also know the paramedics or police will send her to an emergency room since the county we live in doesn’t have a crisis diversion center. I’m sorry if I’m breaking rules. I’m just terrified right now.
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2021.11.27 07:43 GonuBhai R1 Cinnabar Spindle Vs R5 HOD!

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2021.11.27 07:43 Shenzu11 was having a bad day then this guy made my day. he was an omen too XD.

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2021.11.27 07:43 deadpool8228 Join my Discord gamers

Join my discord for pc n mobile gaming😇 Non toxic and friendly
Games played more often - Warzone , valorant , coldwar , it takes 2 , crab game , pubg , cod mobile ,Halo , GTA-5 , n many more🤗
PS5 And Xbox pass games too Join the fun
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2021.11.27 07:43 Aggravating_Serve665 Weight loss calories

Hi I started my weight loss journey at 1200 calories which is stupidly low for 5ft 9 236 pounds male 29 so I increased to 1600 which I was still losing fast so I increased to 1900 to try and slow my weightloss but it seems for the past 3 days my weight has stopped and I've been maintaining should I drop my calories a little to see if I start losing again
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2021.11.27 07:43 Gherrera-1221 Happy belated thanksgiving 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 anyways guys just remember when SafeMoon is available to be purchase directly this bad boy going to the moon 🌚 have a fantastic weekend family 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🌚🦉 #johnkarony #papa #safemoonarmy

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2021.11.27 07:43 iLoveDollarKai 🎮THE GAME🎮 Launch TOMORROW! Pre Sale is LIVE - Softcap almost reached📈

🎮THE GAME🎮 Launch TOMORROW! Pre Sale is LIVE - Softcap almost reached📈 The Game Token Pre Sale - 2 BNB away from reaching Softcap!
🎯 SAFU (Doxxed, Team Tokens vested)
🎯 Playtoblock.app V1 launching tomorrow
🎯 Ecosystem around Blockchaingaming & P2E
🎯 Multiple utilities
🎯 4% Reflections
Launch on Pancakeswap TOMORROW!
More Information at the-game-token.com
Join our community https://t.me/thegameinternational
Use Cases you said? Yeah, we have a couple of them to begin with.
- $TG will be used as an in-game currency for our own Mini Games.
- Developers that have fun and want to make money developing a game can use parts of our infrastructure and our token $TG as their in-game currency.
- Reflections - As 4% of every transaction is redistributed to investors, you gain tokens on every buy and sell just by holding.
- Collaborations and Partnerships. Good projects are releasing daily. Our goal is to partner with them to get OUR holders WL spots, entries to Pre Sales, Airdrops etc.
- Lottery. Once a month, you can be one of three lucky winners to win either 50%, 30% or 20% of the reflections reserved for the lottery.
- PlayToBlock Mobile App. No, not another list of tokens you have to go through in the browser!
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2021.11.27 07:43 DarkkAngellll Where do nice guys go on vacation?

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2021.11.27 07:43 anon0895543 I need some advice

I started RCIA classes this past September and I look forward to full communion with the Catholic Church. I grew up in a very die hard Protestant Christian family. I have been wanting to join the church for several years, and my family has never supported it. I had come to terms with that and I knew it was something I would have to get used to. My family always knew I was very serious about my faith. However, after visiting my home town for thanksgiving, an argument arose. My sister says something about holy water, which was relevant to the conversation that was unrelated to Catholicism specifically. To which I responded, I can get holy water from the church and use it to bless my house, and my mom snapped. She started yelling about how holy water isn’t in the Bible and that there are so many things that are not in the Bible and even goes so far as to say that Catholicism is an ABOMINATION to God. Straight up yelling at me. She has never responded that way before while I am talking about my faith. She said she “felt called” to say that. If Catholicism is an abomination to God than she genuinely believes that I am not Christian. That hurts a whole lot. I know I am doing the right thing by joining the church, but no one in my life seems to think so and I am so alone in this. I was okay with her not wanting to hear my point of view and beliefs when she believed I am a Christian, but now that she is so dead set on thinking I am not Christian at all, I honestly just want to cut her out completely. I don’t really feel comfortable going there for Christmas. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. I simply tried to respond to her oppositions and that just made her more and more angry. My sister told me that I wasn’t helping the situation, but I could not stand by and let her call Catholicism an abomination to God without at least trying to defend it while remaining as calm and collected as I could while she was yelling at me. I don’t know what to do.
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2021.11.27 07:43 Murph303 ITAP of the sunrise during take off in Florida

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2021.11.27 07:43 InfamousResearch705 Maybe maybe maybe

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2021.11.27 07:43 Halfdog123 Burnnn

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2021.11.27 07:43 ojugredsa3 Say hello to sexy mom

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2021.11.27 07:43 tristonxt Where do I begin?

Like has been rough. I lost my mom April 22nd 2020 and my stepdad Dec 20th 2019. 4 months between them. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of my family history…
My profession and romantic lives are doing okay but I think I could be doing more in both aspects to help them flourish but I have not had the energy lately and don’t have the same drive as I did in the past. I realize this is a completely normal to happen after such events but how do I start seeing a therapist? Do I just pick a card any card and hope they work for me? I’ve done some counseling in my adolescence but this is a different case. Please let me know if any of you have suggestions to the steps in which I should take. Also if you need any more information from or about me feel free to ask. Thank you, Triston.
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2021.11.27 07:43 newyorktraveltv 【5K】New York City | Walking tour TriBeCa | Hudson Street | Manhattan | 2021

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2021.11.27 07:43 French_bean Skoda yeti, what size of engine best for a small family?

Hi, I am looking to buy a skoda yeti in the next few months. Could someone please advise me what engine should I go for and whether diesel or petrol would be best. I will be commuting about 15-20miles round trip 5x a week and taking it for the longer journeys few times a month. I think I would like something what would be able to tow a small caravan in the future. I want a car I can keep for a many years to come and we can grow with. All help and advice much appreciated!
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2021.11.27 07:43 Midfield1 'Marches Socialist Albania, 30 years!' 1974.

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