Live stream, TV channel, kick-off time and team news for today's early Premier League clash

2021.11.27 08:50 jobsinanywhere Live stream, TV channel, kick-off time and team news for today's early Premier League clash

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2021.11.27 08:50 UchihaItachi1638 Jamie (@jammmison)

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2021.11.27 08:50 Deep_4960 Hello Peter!!

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2021.11.27 08:50 fixxlevy The best apps for Apple TV?

I find that I don’t really use it for anything else- apart from Sky News, Disney+ and Netflix.
If anyone can recommend some decent apps (of any sort), I’ll add them
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2021.11.27 08:50 andrija1222 High School project

Hi everyone, I'm learning gis in my high school and I have to submit a project of my choice in one week. I was thinking something connected to motosport and formula 1 as that my passion atm. I was considering choosing a F1 track and showing how far is the hospital from the track, showing neerby train and bus lines... Do u have any ideas what else can be shown? And more noteworthy is there a place I can download shp file of an F1 track?
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2021.11.27 08:50 angel_in_a_carcrash There's a giant villager among us

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2021.11.27 08:50 seattle1113 What are some ways you can spend money to improve yourself?

I've been poor my whole life. Grew up without ever getting any Christmas presents. Always went to other people's houses for Thanksgiving. Never celebrated any of my birthdays because we couldn't afford it. I've always lived at home and never moved out. Before it was because I couldn't afford to move out, no I can't really move out because my parents are elderly to the point where it's possible they could die if I'm not there.
I recently got a high paying job and I'm trying to get more comfortable with spending money. My thought process is if I spend money on improving myself, I won't feel as guilty. So what are some ways I can spend money in the name of improvement?
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2021.11.27 08:50 ryaeon what happened to branch office when you swap megacorp?

i didn find post related to this on google. im curious.. can you still have branch office when swaping to normal empire? maybe for late game.. when you kill every gestalt and other megacorp and plant every corner with branch offices..
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2021.11.27 08:50 fishnetdiver Oops That's my gun not my taser. My bad.

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2021.11.27 08:50 amirrezafathi شما چند ثانیه در آمد این شرکت ها را برای کل زندگیتون میخواهید؟ Af..m

شما چند ثانیه در آمد این شرکت ها را برای کل زندگیتون میخواهید؟ Af..m submitted by amirrezafathi to keoXer [link] [comments]

2021.11.27 08:50 ADAMWARLOCK707 Nor any to play games with ...

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2021.11.27 08:50 thatladandrew Going down the hill after a nice hike in San Luis, Argentina

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2021.11.27 08:50 Why_are_we_here__ Is there a compilation of every single Creed moment on the show?

He made me laugh every time he spoke but I can't find any compialtions of him that are longer than 12 min.
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2021.11.27 08:50 Cevasky -20 punti a tutti

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2021.11.27 08:50 Psyklon1212 PsyFeac4D - My new hobby project (a free online tool) for exploring fractals in 4D

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2021.11.27 08:50 thehatchetboy Rules question for speedmob

Is the Forge World Kannonwagon a wagon for speed mob purposes?
Argument in favour: is has wagon in the name. It has the Kannonwagon keyword.
Argument against: it doesn’t have the explicit wagon keyword whereas all the other wagons have both the wagon keyword and the xxxwagon keyword.
Stupid forge world rules. 😢
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2021.11.27 08:50 ottoman-disciple Some FotS fan arts colored

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2021.11.27 08:50 BuroDude Rutherford County Schools began Thanksgiving week with higher COVID-19 case counts

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2021.11.27 08:50 alcaponestaxreturns My Vegas 44 Picks- Feel free to debate and discuss!

Jake Matthews VS. Jeremiah WELLS.
Wells is the dog, yet this should really be even in all honesty. Both are evenly matched but I have Wells with the edge in advantage. This guy is good, too good to be an underdog against Jake.
I’d say bet on him before they realise the two should be equals. If he wins, easy money!
Mallory MARTIN VS. Cheyenne Vilsmas (or buys, or whatever. Sorry for the divorce!)
Pretty surprised Mallory is being overlooked here. I do think Cheyenne is riding some hype right now, hence the odds. But to me these seem even, but what makes me pick Mallory (aside from being an underdog picker), is the fact Cheyenne has bad TD defence and is currently experiencing the aftereffects of COVID.
I hope she recovers quickly, but to me this is an even fight. Mallory is also pretty decent at doing leg sweeps and hugging.
Claudio PUELLES VS. Chris Gruetzemacher.
I don’t understand how Puelles is the underdog here. He’s on a win streak, has the height and reach advantage, is a definite prospect, and has severely underrated wrestling to fall back on in case.
Seriously guys, I’d say you don’t get better than this. Not to mention he’s fighting a guy who’s been finished and submitted.
Easy money if he wins, and I say that’s more than likely. He’s the underdog!
Now for the rest, I’m not sure. The main card is razor thin alongside the under card. I just don’t see any with an advantage over the other.
I think putting a bit of money on Zhalgas is worth it too. Good odds, and never bet against a Kazakh. Maybe a lucky submission is possible?
What do you guys think?
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2021.11.27 08:50 FifaScout123 Any1 on PS4 LFC ?

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2021.11.27 08:50 OldMembership3141 58[M4F]Home for a few weeks recouping, Any women looking to chat

Hi Ladies, Home, bored and resting. Just a guy looking for some chats to pass the time.
dm or chat
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2021.11.27 08:50 omotrodest Cloudflare vs Amazon Web Services Rivalry Intensifies - Data Egress Fee Price Wars

2 months ago, Cloudflare fired the first shot against AWS by launching Cloudflare R2 blob storage WITHOUT EGRESS FEES. This means no fees on data retrieval/data reads aka data egress. This was Cloudflare’s first salvo against one of AWS’s oldest services -> AWS S3 blob storage (and the related AWS CloudFront CDN).
AWS S3+AWS CloudFront combo is notorious for high egress fees and a complicated billing structure -> meaning every time you read/access/retrieve data from AWS S3+AWS CloudFront you are billed. With Cloudflare R2, it competes with AWS by providing the same functionality (egress/retrieval/reads) without the complicated any egress fees at all and without AWS’s complicated pricing/billing structure.
“Over time, companies have amassed massive amounts of data on cloud provider networks. When they go to retrieve that data, they’re hit with massive egress fees that don’t correspond to any customer value — just a tax developers have grown accustomed to paying.” — From Cloudflare R2 blog post announcement that attacked AWS S3’s (and MSFT Azure Blob Storage’s) predatory data egress fee model + complicated pricing that developers have accustomed to.
Now AWS has fired back with this announcement…
“AWS price reduction for data transfers out to the internet”
Here’s the interesting HackerNews thread tracking this topic:
In essence, what AWS did was expand the FREE TIER (free usage thresholds before charges kick in) for using AWS CloudFront+S3. Imho this is an open acknowledgment from AWS that Cloudflare IS A WORTHY COMPETITOR WORTH TAKING NOTE OF.
Again, Amazon’s response isn’t total elimination of data egress fees. It just means near-$0 prices for almost all freemium-level AWS CloudFront+S3, since they generously expanded the free tier data egress thresholds.
I HIGHLY recommend y’all AMZN/MSFT/GOOG/DOCN/NET holders to check out that HackerNews thread for the arguments foagainst both AWS’s and Cloudflare’s recent moves. Their moves have implications for other cloud providers (MSFT Azure, Google GCP, and DOCN).
Again the full HackerNews thread is at:
Highly recommend you guys read every comment in that HackerNews subcomment thread (and also the full thread if you guys have time).
Well in case you guys are lazy, here are some (imho) noteworthy HackerNews arguments foagainst both sides (AWS vs Cloudflare).
Take note HackerNews leans more towards anti-AMZN, very evident in the comments. Here are a select few noteworthy comments. I tried to present as many noteworthy comments from both sides as possible, but not many pro-AMZN comments.
“Unless I'm blind, it's not a price reduction, but free tier expansion.”
“You can imagine that the conversation went something like: “Hey, look at Cloudflare, should we reduce egress costs?” “Absolutely not, but let’s make a free tier change and hope that fewer people hassle us about that” It’s a signal that they’re digging in on the price structure.”
“It's vendor lock in. "Hey should we build our company on cloudflare? Their egress cost is cheaper" "No, AWS has far more features and besides, we get enough bandwidth for free because we're a small startup" Fast forward 5 years, your company has grown and is buying a 10 terabytes a month of egress, but you can't switch platforms now, you're too far dug in and integrated with AWS.”
“Agreed. They likely see Cloudflare as targeting customers with lower requirements than AWS customers, and so to compete with them they can just extend their free tier while assuming that as companies grow they'll exceed that tier. For high volume customers this isn't going to make a huge difference. For many who were considering Cloudflare, it could mean their service is now free.”
“And if you need 100TB of bandwidth it's a 1% discount. My guess is that the majority of their revenue is coming from a few big customers, for whom this is not a relevant discount at all. I thinkt that they are introducing this offer to get developers to adopt AWS for small projects, hoping that they'll then use the same service they are already familiar with for big projects.”
“I don't think this is Amazon's intention. AWS does not make its money from SMEs. This is about courting developers. If Cloudflare is going to make it free to play with all their tools, and only start charging when usage becomes "real" then they have a good chance of winning over the dev community. AWS can't let that happen, because they know then the enterprise rot will start.”
“This is probably a savvy move in that it's basically a huge price break for small and mid-size enterprises (my CF bill could drop from like $3K to near zero). The big players with those $10K, $100K, or whatever per month won't get a significant cut here. But I'm also guessing that those small and mid-size customers are exactly Cloudflare's main sales funnel. Their entire existence is based on giving inexpensive power tools that can be configured instantly. Anyone spending >$10K/mo on egress is more likely already set on AWS as a strategic vendor, have a multi-year lock-in deal and are more likely using the pro-level tooling you can get in Cloudfront. They are far less likely to unwind a giant pile of infrastructure for small cost savings anyway.”
“You get more free GB but once you do they’re at the full original price. Busy sites won’t see any meaningful reduction in their bills, and smaller sites we’ll need to be mindful of this as they grow.”
“In almost every case, inter-account and inter-AZ transfer will incur the same pricing as egress, especially if it travels through an IGW. In our internal testing, it appears that AWS often applies the egress pricing twice, both when leaving the AZ where your instance(s) are located as well as again in the region where your customers are, after traveling through the AWS internal network; the first is an inter-AZ transfer, and the second is the actual egress from AWS' network. So, it appears that the egress fees are nearly always not merely the oft-cited 8,000% greater than competitors, but twice that. AWS is not very transparent about this. Understatement of the year: "Data transfer charges are often overlooked while architecting a solution in AWS."[0] 0.
——— well fuck, I didn’t know egress from an AZ (Availability Zone) counts as ANOTHER SET OF egress charges
“amluto is spot on. AWS don't want to make money off of egress, they want to make it non-viable to move anything out of AWS that isn't being served to an end consumer.”
“That still sounds like price fixing, but for a different purpose.”
“Being lynched for egregious egress fees is only something I've experienced when using mega corp's clouds, where economies of scale suggests their vastly larger size should allow them to provide even better value. But that's in a normal market, not the artificial lock-in mega cloud corps enjoy where they're able to distort customer behavior from artificially high pricing.”
“The thing about a competitive market is that it requires that cost of switching is low. The higher the cost of switching, the more leverage the company has over you. SaaS and cloud providers in particular have a lot of leverage over their customers due to the typically high cost of switching. E.g. what does it cost to move your whole infrastructure to a new cloud? They can basically gouge you up to that cost threshold. These cost of switching actually leads to a market that is not competitive in the traditional sense. Yes, competition on the surface, but monopoly within.”
“AWS is a luxury product and the outbound charge is the delivery fee. You will also find that the delivery fee for a Louis Vuitton bag is more than for a pizza.”
“AWS spent the first decade of existence advertising to executives as a way to significantly decrease their cost of IT, not as the Louis Vuitton of IT.”
Badly-downvoted comment: “This is like going to a supermarket and complaining that the plastic bags for you to store your shopping in cost 10 cents which is a 8000% markup, as if plastic bags are why you're in a supermarket”
Comment in response to the badly-downvoted comment/example just above: “This is a horrible example that doesn't not apply cleanly. To fix it, let's change it from buy per bag to per gram you want to leave the store. So your canned soup costs at least 3 times more to leave the supermarket then in cost to buy it than to eat it in the supermarket. This is not even an exaggeration. s3 is 0.024/GB and egress bandwidth is 0.09/GB”
“IMHO this doesn't make a difference whatsoever. We used to run a cloud gaming company and you burn through your first 100Gb within no time. Applications where data transfer is >50% of your cost is not sustainable and by giving the first 100Gb free they're not really making a dent on cloud costs. They're still charging an insane amount for data and the worst part is the pricing is almost similar across regions where Tier 1 networks might not actually charge AWS that much. it's a total rip off. In our desperate search for cheaper services, we actually checked out Linode (I don't work with them in any way) and found their egress costs a lot more palatable.”
“"The CloudFront free tier is a full-service free tier, meaning customers can use all CloudFront features, such as support of website images, media workloads, and APIs, without service restrictions or data type limitations." That's a pretty direct dig at cloudflare with their service and data type limitations :) So this does seem pretty cloudflare targeted.”
“And to be fair it's not a bad point. AWS and CloudFront is not without it's problems, but every time I've tried to build anything non-trivial with Cloudflare's CDN I've found that some table-stakes feature turns out to be locked behind a $5000+ enterprise plan, with no option to pay a more reasonable price for just the feature itself and associated usage. I've come to the conclusion that Cloudflare's CDN is only really worthwhile if I'm building something tiny and basic that will never conceivably need any of their enterprise features (and I've turned out to be wrong about this down the line on many occasions, so YMMV), or something super ambitious where I'm willing and able to go all in on the enterprise plan and hope that eventually economies of scale on egress costs will kick in and turn it into a good deal. That leaves a giant gaping hole in the middle where it makes more sense to go with a different CDN like Cloudfront or Fastly where the bandwidth isn't free, but advanced features are included or charged on a usage basis (these days most of my projects fall into this category).”
“Cloud flare is the snowball coming down the mountain at them. Why not try to take a dig? You think they would be lowering their cost if it wasn’t for R2 or whatever they call it? Of course not!”
“Coincidentally enough, on Monday I had a call with my AWS account rep, she was asking what plans we had for the next year. I told her that we were evaluating some of our spend to see if there were places we could economize, but our biggest plan was to move from S3+Cloudfront to Cloudflare R2. "Have you heard of R2?" "No, I'll check with one of my S3 engineers and get back to you." Sounds like SOMEBODY over there is trying to address the Bandwidth Alliance announcement.”
“A friendly reminder that, if you don’t like Amazon’s ethics in how they run their retail business, vote with your infrastructure dollars — that’s what’s paying for the show (well, that and their advertising business everyone ignores). Amazon’s AWS margin is everyone else’s opportunity.”
“They started feeling the squeeze from Cloudflare weren’t they?”
“Free data egress out of AWS is a fairly big deal, since egress costs were formerly the main bottleneck which made using AWS impractical for all sorts of heavy compute/number crunching. It will be very interesting to see how these scenarios are affected.”
“It sounds like a nice move to start increasing competition on bandwidth out by cloud providers. Let's see if the market will follow. Indeed, it doesn't change much for big players, but it is a lower monthly/yearly bill for the startups and smaller players. Bandwidth out was always the small asterisk that most people forgot to estimate and/or read properly in the contract. Don't underestimate your bandwidth out from your cloud provider in your business plan. It can really go out of control quick.”
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2021.11.27 08:50 Moeper93 Can someone help me find out what is wrong with my Dracaena? Its leafs are getting yellow-ish but it should not be too dry

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2021.11.27 08:50 VegetableImaginary21 Who else felt a lil corny after tonights debate?

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2021.11.27 08:50 AVGonPC [ENG] Lvl 35 1100 hrs

18+ LVL 25+ LFG for mainly play Shoreline, Customs or Labs. H all labs cards, and good keys.
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