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2021.11.27 09:21 JerryCher Super Airdrop Already Listed

Super Airdrop Already Listed ✨METAMUSK AIRDROP ROUND 1✨

🛠 Network : Binance Smart Chain
💰 Airdrop : 2 trillion METAMUSK ($1,000,000)
🔥 Value: 100 million METAMUSK ($50)
👥 Referral : 40 million METAMUSK ($20)
📆 End date: 20 Dec 2021
🔐 Distribution: Immediately (Within 48 hours)
🔐 Unlock Token: April 1, 2022

↪️ Step-by-step guide:
Follow steps of

  1. Join our Telegram Group ———»»» (Mandatoty Please Chat): "METAMUSK" on group
  2. Join our Telegram Channel
  3. Follow us on Twitter and Retweet the pinned post.
  4. Subscribe our Youtube Channel

🔗 Token contract: 0x734c5F3f8F6ad9697b26eCC6388678aaFd3dB3B2
Decimal: 18
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2021.11.27 09:21 Larger_Than_LIFE_20 Hey everyone, yesterday I released my debut album, with big Bon Iver & The Microphones influences. Would appreciate any feedback! Link to stream in comments :)

Hey everyone, yesterday I released my debut album, with big Bon Iver & The Microphones influences. Would appreciate any feedback! Link to stream in comments :) submitted by Larger_Than_LIFE_20 to IndieFolk [link] [comments]

2021.11.27 09:21 thelovelyalpaca Now that you are enjoying going to the grocery daily, I will tell you a story..

English is my second language, sorry for some mistakes.
I grew up with seven siblings. Parents plus 7 kids.
One time per month, mostly on a Saturday or Sunday my father would go to the big supermarket and buy the food for the month.
My parents used to wait for the weekday that the supermarket was making discount. We used to decide to which supermarket we would go depending on where the discount was.
My mother used to make the shopping list and my father used to go and buy the stuff. Normally, some of us (siblings) would go with him and the rest of the siblings would stay with my mother.
Now in the big supermarket, my father would to take three shopping carts: one for each person. We would divide the shopping list and decide for a meeting point later, to check how much time left we would need to shop.
If it was a supermarket that was not familiar to us, and the youngest sibling was committed with us, we would expect that he or she would get lost and receive the call from the information station of the supermarket that he/she was lost and my father would go and pick him/her up.
We used to fill up three shopping carts and we would spend between one or two hours in the supermarket.
Sometimes my mother would come with us.
Even if I had fun with my siblings, we were not allowed to run, take pictures or dance.
We didn’t use the monthly shopping as an activity to share with the family.
At the end of the shopping day my dad would by us some ice cream or other kind of treat.
Later at home, my mother would wait for us, and those that were staying at home would help my mother to place the stuff on the respective place.
I find so dumb and silly the chronicles of Hilaria and going to the grocery so I decided to share with you an honest story of how a big family with working parents used to do the shopping.
Thanks for coming to my TED talk
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2021.11.27 09:21 OriginalMNH Do we want Gen 5 remakes?

There has been a lot of controversy with the last two generations of Pokémon in terms of the direction they are taking the series, especially with remakes of our favourites. Pokémon Let’s Go! Pikachu and Let’s Go! Eevee brought in its fair share of controversy after an already controversial release of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. With Sword and Shield not including the entire National Dex the fanbase was somewhat divided by that decisio. With the new Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl games being 95% faithful to their originals making a lot of the fanbase question if it’s worth even playing when we could play the originals or even Platinum.
Do you think we should be excited for what Pokémon may do in the future with the Unova region? Black Version and White Version were very controversial when it came out for being “too linear” and questionable Pokémon designs, according to some, yet it brought us a deeper story, moves and abilities that freshened the competitive scene, and the only game where you can’t get a Pikachu in-game (yes, I believe that was a good decision).
Now BW is has reached nostalgia status and people appreciate it fully compared to most games that came after it. Do you think BW remakes would be a good idea? What would you hope they would bring to the remakes/expand upon? I think B3W3 would be the best as it would fit with the 5th generation, giving us a new story in the way Legends: Arceus seems to be doing. I wouldn’t even mind Legends: Victini considering we know very little about the Victory Pokémon. Even better would be a story of the original dragon that Reshiram and Zekrom are linked to.
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2021.11.27 09:21 AmChilli Mich macht sie so geil. Wer hat Lust zu ihr zu wichsen?

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2021.11.27 09:21 Anyjud Limited edition with great fabric, Exclusive design, delivery world wide, visit here

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2021.11.27 09:21 AntonioOfVenice Media Matters complained that Fox News "did not even mention that [Jacob] Blake was unarmed". Spoiler alert: he was armed.

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2021.11.27 09:21 cub-motion So I did it, I took the plunge and deleted my profiles on dating apps

Been on and off them for a few years and so sick of them. Time to try find someone in real life. Wish me luck!
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2021.11.27 09:21 autobuzzfeedbot 10 Best Hanukkah Episodes Of TV, According to IMDb

  1. Puppy Dog Pals: "The Latke Kerfuffle" (Season 1, Episode 20) - 9.2
  2. Seinfeld: "The Strike" (Season 9, Episode 10) - 8.8
  3. The O.C.: "The Best Chrismukkah Ever" (Season 1, Episode 11) - 8.6
  4. Elena Of Avalor: "Festival Of Lights" (Season 3, Episode 17) - 8.3
  5. The Goldbergs: "A Christmas Story" (Season 3, Episode 10) - 8.1
  6. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: "My Mom, Greg’s Mom and Josh’s Sweet Dance Moves" (Season 1, Episode 8) - 8.1
  7. The Nanny: "The Hanukkah Story" (Season 6, Episode 10) - 7.5
  8. Rugrats: "A Rugrats Chanukah" (Season 4, Episode 1) - 7.5
  9. Even Stevens: "Heck Of A Hanukkah" (Season 1, Episode 15) - 7.4
  10. Big Mouth: "A Very Big Mouth Christmas" (Season 5, Episode 8) - 7.1
Link to article
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2021.11.27 09:21 whbck144 Off of the show

What is she like in real life, when the cameras aren’t rolling?
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2021.11.27 09:21 DanKrug2 Cursed_funny

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2021.11.27 09:21 raghad_ac a question for intjs

i would like to ask for advice if thats okay, as an intj how would you like your friends to check up on you? does it bother you to get questions like "are you okay?" im a little worried abt my friend but i dont wanna seem pushy like im trying to get them to vent to me or anything! I just wanna know if theyre fine or if theyre going through anything
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2021.11.27 09:21 Ninel56 Why "Y"?

So that nobody finds out.
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2021.11.27 09:21 Danceman2 Xenonauts 2 - November Update

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2021.11.27 09:21 xplisit21 Looks like hockey was good to most of us last night.

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2021.11.27 09:21 kartikeyaGunjiyal Riders from Uttarakhand?

Is there anyone in indianbikes who is from Uttarakhand? What are other reddit communities for riders?
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2021.11.27 09:21 yourgreatlifecoach How to be a Great Leader- 3P Leadership

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2021.11.27 09:21 CrazyGamerJack (Expedition redux) I'm not saying I'm bad at the game. But I won't deny it.

Hey all, Mr. Jack here, and I've been struggling a little with one particular step of the expedition and it's a little embarrassing on my part.
So a little context, I've put over 100 hours into the game by now, 80 on my main save, and the rest on expedition 2, 4 and now the first. And in that time I've accomplished a lot and am proud of myself. But there's one part of the expedition that I haven't been able to progress because of my own inexperience with... Storm crystals.
I've never really used them much or cared for them besides occasionally seeing them while exploring and selling them, so I have no idea where I'm supposed to find them besides in a storm of some kind, which is about as obvious as saying the sky is blue. ... Well blue here anyway.
That's definitely going to change after this, now that I've realised just how much better the upgraded warp fuel using them is, and yes, I got to the centre of the galaxy and played way too much of the gane without the ability to make them or even get them outside of occasional quest rewards, but for now, I'm kind of in the dark on what to do about getting them.
Do I just look for a planet with bad weather and wait? Do they only spawn in specific bad weather? Specific systems? You'd think I'd know this but I really don't.
Thanks in advance, and now I'm curious to hear anymore advice that might help me, or anyone else who was in the dark about aspects of the game like this, improve.
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2021.11.27 09:21 SpiritualBoard864 Who Will Beat Roman For The Title

View Poll
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2021.11.27 09:21 No_Pain_2222 please give me a shulker with a whale diminish

please give me a shulker with a whale diminish
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2021.11.27 09:21 markmonree Blocked tonight?

Anyone getting blacked tanight?
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2021.11.27 09:21 Traditional_Long_383 LF: shiny Zacian FT: shiny Zamazenta

The Zamazenta is untouched and the Zacian also has to be untouched.
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2021.11.27 09:21 WasteDiscipline4322 Bully Maguire Mysterio Scarecrow

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2021.11.27 09:21 BrentNgPinas VERIFICATION FAILED

Am I the only one who's experiencing verification failed? I've been trying to verify my account for a week now. Im using valid government id and still said invalid document. It's strange because right after the facial recognition that will only take 3 secs and instantly pops out that verification is failed then "under review" status of verification then to failed after few hours. Please someone help me fix it. I need to verify my account.
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2021.11.27 09:21 8urfiat Sorry about your barn.

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