Gravitum and slow immunity

Gravitum. Flash 68% 12,420 plays Cruisin 2 Multiplayer. Flash 76% 255,442 plays Y8 Snakes Multiplayer. Flash 76% 1,082,639 plays Knights of Magic and Steel. Flash 91% 594,834 plays Bratz Kids Racing Starz. Flash 86% 2,136,994 plays Mutant Fighting Arena. Flash ... Many pregnant women have morning sickness.But for a few, it’s much more intense. Less than 3% of pregnant women get something called hyperemesis gravidarum.There's no cure for it, but it's ... As title says , I plan to dedicate some time now into playing and learning aphelios , so I needed to know where to start , such as optimum gun combos , bullet management and runes/item options . Gravitum (R3) Innate - Binding: Gravitum applies a 30% slow that decays over 3.5 seconds. Cost: 1 Moonlight per attack. Binding Eclipse (Q3) Gravitum - Active: Aphelios expunges all enemies affected by Gravitum's slow, dealing 50 / 65 / 80 / 95 / 110 (based on level) (+ 35% bonus AD) (+ 70% AP) magic damage and rooting them for 1 second. Cost ... Taric: He provides some sustain, but he's mostly used because of his CC and R. Phel doesn't have an easy way to use Taric's E without Severum Q or having already stunned someone with Gravitum Q. Tanky. Yuumi: She has good sustain, little poke and good CC. She can use two summoner spells. She's almost always untargetable. Aphelios always begins the game with Calibrum and Severum, and has Gravitum, Infernum, and Crescendum queued in reserve. Based on weapon usage, this queue can change. Instead of ranking up abilities per level up, Aphelios invests those points to increase his Attack Damage, Attack Speed, or Lethality.

2021.10.24 18:44 werrcat Gravitum and slow immunity

How does Gravitum q work against targets with slow immunity (e.g. ulting yi)?
I played a game today against a yi, the first time I was able to root yi, the second time I wasn't. The first time it looks like I pressed Q after I already auto'd yi and it worked, the second time I think the projectile was still in-flight and it didn't work. Is this the expected interaction?
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2021.10.24 18:44 SpanishMeme Por qué hizo caso a esa misión...

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2021.10.24 18:44 kelraie No option to "send offline" on the offline computer MEW

I'm trying to move my ETH from a MEW paper wallet to a ledger wallet. I'm following the instructions on the video previously posted here to use the Offline Helper (
1- When I access the Offline Helper from, it asks for a "From Address". I'm assuming that's the address on the paper wallet before the private key. The same address I enter in to check my balance. Am I correct?
2- Once I generate the json file from the online computer, and then move to offline computer and enter the private key, and click "Access Wallet". I only see option to "Send Transaction" on the left. No option for "Send offline".
Not sure what I'm doing wrong.
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2021.10.24 18:44 catlikee Progeso

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2021.10.24 18:44 mammabim2 Sugar baby here chat me up

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2021.10.24 18:44 danielkalves Trying to apply some new tricks I’ve learned.

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2021.10.24 18:44 gremlin30 How does Maryland release its bar results?

Dumb question I know. Do they just email you saying you passed or not, or do you have to log in somewhere? Do they give you a score breakdown?
I’m gonna cry no matter what, so I just wanna be prepared.
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2021.10.24 18:44 One_Change3105 Rp chui chaud ;)

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2021.10.24 18:44 coke21 When are we allowed to lawfully protest?

Currently under the health orders apparently we cannot protest. We had a protest scheduled to protest some really bad working conditions, but our employer called the police and shut it down.
When are we allowed to protest again?
This article seems to say we have a right to protest in NSW if we follow the health orders... so what is happening?
When do the extra powers police got during COVID go away as well?
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2021.10.24 18:44 Traditional-Lab-1825 What jobs can a convicted felon have where they can still help people?

My dream job list always had cop, firefighter, emt that kinda thing near or at the top.
Well with all of those out of the way, are there any other jobs helping or making a significant impact in peoples lives that are more accessible to someone with a criminal record?
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2021.10.24 18:44 JeanneDAlter Shy Nurse Reze

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2021.10.24 18:44 HashMapsData2Value 50k Celebration Twitter Space - My Notes

I mentioned in the Twitter Space that I was taking some notes.
Reminder post
Original post about us breaching 50k

Fred ( EstanteF ) and I talked for about 3h and 15 mins and had a blast. It seems people enjoyed it and want more stuff like this, especially theory/tech heavy Algorand discussions that can really help clear up confusion.

There is some uncertainty regarding how votes are tallied. Algorand Foundation should explicitly specify whether breaking governance commitment only affects whether or not you are eligible for rewards or of it also means your votes won't be counted. Consensus was the latter but it should be spelled out.
And BTW, we are thinking of hosting another space to discuss the next Governance period's voting options.

We discussed how Algorand could grow further in the retail space. One speaker suggested it should be possible to go from 50k to 300k subscribers by EoY. We mentioned how Algorand has been working on changing up its marketing.
I listed examples, from the airport bar ad in Mexico that a member of this sub reported, to the stuff in Boston (Celtics ad, etc), to the deals with the Drone Racing League. Also, some of the arguments previously levied against Algorand are no longer valid, e.g. regarding Accelerated Vesting (it's over) and that the Foundation has so much power (Governance puts it into our hands).
Suggestions were made that Silvio should do more, possibly go on a podcast like Joe Rogan. The difficult thing for Silvio is that, besides criticizing Bitcoin, he is very careful when speaking about other chains. But he could definitely talk about his views on the philosophies of cryptocurrency and the future, especially as some felt it didn't come through in the otherwise awesome Lex Fridman episode.
In general it would be nice with more youtube content, especially more technical stuff. Consider this a shoutout to the community. (I know Fred and I are interested in that.)

Conveniently, Twitter user WGMI, aka GitGudLULXD, brought up AlgoPulse. We invited him to come and market AlgoPulse himself on our sub. The website says it is a marketing engine for Algorand, and he himself said that one of the things they will do is pay for people to produce e.g. articles about Algorand.

Apparently, CoinBureau (Guy) is not actually a genuine crypto channel. Patrick B mentioned that, in its own Terms of Service, it states that CoinBuraeu is a brand of digital marketing company V3 Digital. This means that whatever Guy says on his channel might be 100% shilling for whatever coin that paid better.

People are recommending Metrika. provides some Algorand metrics/stats that might be interesting to many. I know I will take a look there from time to time. For example, it can be interesting to track the active accounts.

How to do basic research about tokens? Given that it is so easy to mint tokens and trick people by manipulating Liquidity Pools, for some it might difficult to discern between serious, not-so-serious, and rug pulls.
There was an example given of a token that was originally created "just for fun" to galvanize the community. Later it was put on Yieldly and suddenly gained monetary value, causing controversy. (Note that it might not have been the founders themselves who put it up, but rather some random people.)

Beyond that, anyone can always come to this subreddit and ask the community for opinions and clarifications. There are projects out there that look legit but have actually engaged in some shady behavior.
In the end, as one person said, if you are cautious about buying stocks, you need to be 10x as cautions when buying tokens.
Compact Certifications seem to now be known as State Proofs! Patrick B mentioned that the Algorand repo is going crazy with branches and PRs related to this, so we can hopefully get an update for Decipher. He pointed out that they are expanding to add the hashing algorithm used in Bitcoin and Ethereum, suggesting they are looking into blockchain interoperability with non Algorand-based chains.

We covered a LOT in 3h+. Feel free to comment in case I missed something big.
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2021.10.24 18:44 KiloXF What killer is best with its own perks?

I bought this game a while ago but never really got into it. I never liked playing survivor and most games I'll play with friends. I bought a few killers for custom games but now I'm trying to actually get into it. Ultimately I don't want to buy any more killers. I don't know what killers I bought or what was already available so I'll just list them all. Trapper, wraith, billy, nurse, hag, doc, huntress, pig, clown, spirit, legion, Ghostface, and oni. Most of these I haven't touched (even those I've spent money on...)
I just want to know which one is the most viable without using another killers perks, and which ones I should run.
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2021.10.24 18:44 idktheyarealltaken map of the world if all of the water and ice evaporated

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2021.10.24 18:44 RandomRandy921 Ramee - Random 3rd party's and escort jumping

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2021.10.24 18:44 blueflowers Lunch from Thrive in Boulder, CO

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2021.10.24 18:44 frutt-ava hope everyone's having a chill Sunday 💕! been looking to travel a lot more, but thought i'd post since im quite bored💖

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2021.10.24 18:44 MadIceKing I made a video guide on how to learn and practice techniques in Smash!

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2021.10.24 18:44 kinghames 24/10/21 taco incident

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2021.10.24 18:44 miawho8 Looking for Sam Obisanya’s coat from Ted Lasso Season 2

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2021.10.24 18:44 IfWetSocksWasAPerson Mixed Signals?

He wore my sweater again at the sleepover. I was going to tell him it looks good on him, but I couldn't find a good opportunity where it wouldn't feel awkward. Next time he wears it, I'll tell him. Still don't have any clues if he knows it's mine or not. But at the sleepover someone else came unexpectedly, but it wasn't because he felt awkward around me I assume, since the other person brought it up. During the night, while watching TV I noticed twice that after I sat nearby him he moved away slightly, which felt really deliberate and awkward. He did sit nearby me later, but it really didn't seem intentional. I took some Benadryl since he has cats which I'm allergic to, and ended up being unable to stay awake, and fell asleep next to him, but from what I could tell, I don't think he waited long before waking me up. Maybe I'm overthinking this, but he just seems really distant sometimes and close others. In some group scenarios he's stayed close to me and made eye contact and talked with me, but maybe it depends on the size of the group, since there were lots of people around that time and only one other person this time. Once he leaned his head against mine, around a group of more people, but I feel really confused about that since it was out of nowhere, the way he did it felt really deliberate and affectionate, but he's never that way? I can't help but feel really awkward about the whole night, especially since I told them I wouldn't fall asleep but ended up anyways, and I worry that he felt awkward when I fell asleep next to him.
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2021.10.24 18:44 fluidfunky This is Hazel aka Hazelnut at almost 14 weeks! Say hi! 🐾

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2021.10.24 18:44 Mjhool_l Facts

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2021.10.24 18:44 domforcucks Let me try to get feet pics of your friends or family (snapchat only)

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2021.10.24 18:44 babegroovy Why do people have such an issue with me not being exclusive with people I barely know?

I've (F22) had this from both sides of the spectrum. I've been slutshamed for having sex with a fwb while talking to someone I'm interested in but haven't even met yet, even when I said he too was probably talking to other people. I've also gotten told that my date with someone wasn't valid because he was probably seeing or sleeping with other people at the time
It's ridiculous to me that some people seem to think anything other than seeing a single person at any point is a problem. I'm going on two first dates this week and am having casual sex with multiple people because I'm single and want to meet people, once exclusivity is discussed that would change
Why is this such an issue for seemingly quite a few people? Especially when they're just a third party and not even involved
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