I had so much fun painting this, just don’t look at the bolter barrels

2021.10.24 18:44 AvengedVengance I had so much fun painting this, just don’t look at the bolter barrels

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2021.10.24 18:44 frozenlmao [XB1] H: weapons W: AAE90 mini, AA2590 Ultracite Gat laser and offers

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2021.10.24 18:44 KoretheWitch Will upvote all comments!

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2021.10.24 18:44 Nytherin [EU-UK] [H] Modded GPX Superlight [W] Paypal

Timestamps: https://imgur.com/a/AWJLiSt
Item Name: Modded GPX Superlight.
Condition: Like new - Unused apart from modding. Will include all original accessories
Price: £120 (inclusive of fees and shipping)
Postage and Payment: Royal Mail special delivery (next working day by 1pm), payment through paypal G&S.
Any additional information: This is actually my backup modded GPX. But since my original black one has no major signs of wear, I've decided to sell this one.
Mods are as follows:

  1. Switch swap to Kailh 2.0s
  2. Foil tape mod on M1 and M2 (to reduce pre/post travel)
  3. Tape mod on M3 and M4 (to reduce pre/post travel)
  4. Powerplay magnets removed (reduces the weight to 57g). This can be reverted if needed.
  5. A new pair of Tiger ICE PTFE feet are included. No mouse skates are currently on the mouse.
P.S. For all my mods, I've followed ENTS guide for modding the GPX. For mouse switch and weight pics, please see my previous timestamps https://imgur.com/a/NGq7V5W. (Don't really want to keep opening up the mouse).
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Can anyone help me get the sweatpants bcus I don't have the thing to start it up
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2021.10.24 18:44 AutoNewspaperAdmin [IE] - ‘The water quality was fantastic’: Hundreds join Liffey Swim on new route | Irish Times

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2021.10.24 18:44 Dodofitus How do you actually transfer a character with a drop

Before you ask, I have googled it but I can’t seem to find one for Xbox, I want to try to get into abb but it’s so damn hard to get creatures on and off the map, not to mention it would be good for convenience sake on other maps like say, scorched, could I get help on it
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2021.10.24 18:44 SulliMLG12 Darkness Falls Trader Quests

For any of you guys with DF experience when can I expect to get to tier 2 quests with a trader. Currently, I have done 11 Tier 1 quests for trader Joel but I still am not getting any tier 2 quests. He has given me the option to buy skills and sent me to another trader but still no tier 2 quests.
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2021.10.24 18:44 TheDoritoKing48 Spider-Man costume request

Can someone draw a Spider-Man costume?
If you need me to specify what I would prefer (Black and red, spider symbol is light blue, a black hood,) pls
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2021.10.24 18:44 Drplague90 Dancing with Demons!

Kazi would be sitting on the roof of the akagawa estate with a slight smile on his face!
kiryuu would come to his side
“You have a smile on your face I’ve come to understand that could be a good or a bad thing!”
kazi smile would fade to a smirk
“I think it’s time I Dance with Demons!”
kiryuu would puff
“Oh myyyy!”
Later that night he thought it would be a good idea to have a good night out it had been a while and things had seemed to calm down!
He would send a invite to saizo to meet him at the entrance of the estate wearing something nice! He would also send invites to hanako and Akemi!
he didn’t know what to expect from them but getting on hanako good side couldn’t hurt and if akemi did come it would be a plus!
He would await everyone’s arrival standing in front of the estate!
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2021.10.24 18:44 karthd03 Qualifying for Instate

I live in another state, but my sister is moving to Chicago for a job and if I get into UIUC, would it be possible to change my home address to my sisters and get in state tuition if she lives there for 12 months? Thanks.
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2021.10.24 18:44 C111tla To what extent do you really care about the packaging? I like when the 4K comes with the slipcover still there, and I don't like when they do things like they did with the Indiana Jones set. I also like nice artwork. But why do people spend many dozen dollars to get the steelbook version of a movie?

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2021.10.24 18:44 AwesomeBL69 Am I a loser?

I'm 18, don't have my driver's license yet, never had my first job yet, no girlfriend, abandoned by my old friends, and failing my first year of college. Am I screwed?
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2021.10.24 18:44 webkilla The Long Game: Chapter 23 - Deux Ex

(Onwards, this would be Arc 2: Arc Megahard - and remember kids, this thing is 60 chapters long)
In the imperial high court, at the very heart of the silver throne, Lady Vris was about to receive her final sentence. There had been no small amount of arguing back and forth, Lady Vris trying earnestly to talk down the punishment being levied at Fred and his species.
She had never felt so focused in her life, her mind on fire trying to come up with a way to get the empress to spare her fighter. It just wasn’t fair! What kind of shady deals and offers had the empress gotten in order to punish Fred like this? Her low station in her own house meant that she wasn’t authorized to offer house resources, so she had little to bargain with.
“Your highness – I beg you! My honor hinges on this fighter. Without him I will have nothing to show for my accomplishments”
The stern glare from the empress spoke volumes. The scattered laughter and jeers from the court even more so, Lady Vris taking careful note of what house balcony-disks were the sources of such noises – they were clearly fools that could not be trusted… or maybe they should be logged in the house Xilas annals as enemies? House Xh’ill certainly had to get an entry, on account of the obviously hostile glares from their scions earlier – they were no doubt scheming against her.
Never having taken her eyes off the empress, Lady Vris remained hopeful – she had one last bargaining chip, but she had so dearly hoped that she would not need to put it into play.
“I understand your plight – your accomplishments are noteworthy – but the law on this matter is clear” the empress declared.
With a sigh, Lady Vris tried her final gambit: “If it would please the court, I might suggest a more productive punishment for my fighter”
It was with the tiniest of nods that the empress permitted Lady Vris to speak.
“Knowing his lethality, why not exploit that? I would gladly lead him on a campaign to subdue the traitor houses who have refused to submit to the enlightened rule of the silver throne. Their champions will be brought to heel and made to bare their throats – or I will have their light turned to darkness and gift their Ish to the imperial house” Lady Vris proposed. Oh, such a bold deal – sure, it would mean a great investment of time, no small risk to herself, but the potential honor for herself would be amazing – and the empire would grow as the traitor houses be forced back into the rath. There was no possible way for the empress or emperor to reject this!
Not far away, Fred was running down corridors towards the court room. The eschaton key held tightly in his palm, Fred had to think fast: Last he’d seen, Lady Vris had been pleading for his life in an attempt to reduce the sentence about to passed onto him and all of humanity, but did he dare take the chance that she might actually succeed? The alternative was to burst in assuming the worst and acting accordingly – which would probably guarantee a firefight, plus a running fight back to Lady Vris’s ship.
“Ish, talk with the Ish on Lady Vris’s ship – have it unlocked and ready to leave when we get there, and have it loaded with as much silverlight as it can carry. Oh and beef up the engines so we can leave in a hurry!”
The local Ish acknowledged, obeying without question… Was this the power of this new “eschaton key” thingy? Or was it just the local Ish who liked to do as it was told?
At the door to the courtroom, Fred paused. What to do, what to do? “Ish, upgrade my armor. This shit doesn’t have to be fight-legal anymore, but I don’t want to be shot by anything when I go in there, but I don’t want it to be obvious that I’m armored either”
Fred knew that such a vague order was a gamble – how would the Ish interpret it? Silverlight flowed from cracks in the floor and walls, enveloping Fred. He felt the weight he was carrying lessen, along with the cool but oddly dry sensation of silverlight touching his skin. Seconds later it receded, revealing his business suit… well, on the outside: Fred could feel there was something underneath, and there were small holes along his sleeves. Of course, the thing that Fred noticed the most was a set of gizmos that seemed glued to his face on the far side of his eyes. Upon touching them out of curiosity, Fred found that they deployed glasses over his eyes, ones that lit up to display a heads-up display in his field of vision, complete with eye-tracking icons so he could activate all the things his armor could do with but a glance.
“I didn’t ask for this… but I am not complaining!” Fred said with grim determination as he opened the door to the courtroom.
Very few paid any attention to the small door opening. Quite a few servants were going back and forth, fetching drinks and food for their shining one masters from nearby replicator dispensers – and while the door Fred was entering from wasn’t one of the service entrances, then everyone seemed riveted by the drama at the centre of the court.
Of course, when Fred began to stride purposefully towards the centre of the court, albeit at a polite and measured pace, to join up with Lady Vris people most certainly took notice.
“Oh you fool” Lady Vris said as she turned and saw him approach. Her expression told Fred everything – this was bad. What the empress said next only confirmed this:
“Lady Vris, step away from the savage. Questors, take aim. Ish, raise the shields” The empress decreed.
On some level it disappointed Fred that Lady Vris stepped away, but the tears in her eyes more than communicated her reluctance. At the same time a forcefield appeared behind Fred, obviously to act as a backstop in case the questors missed. Seeing the questors fumble with putting their visors on was hilarious, and gave Fred more than enough time to pop his own visors and target all… child soldiers. Right, even Fred had limits – and killing kids was certainly one of them.
“To think that you need that many guns to kill me – just how strong do you think I am? Are you that afraid of me?” Fred shouted defiantly, with little to no audible remarks from the court as everyone seemed curious at what the response would be from the imperial rulers.
The empress looked quite upset at the implication, while the emperor didn’t move – hell, Fred hadn’t seen him move at all any point during all this.
“Tell me your highness, you who would pass judgement on me, if I kill you and your husband, do I become the new emperor?” Fred shouted, trying his hardest to provoke a reaction.
The court erupted in outrage, and the empress actually got up from her throne and quite demonstratively gestured towards Fred: “Kill him!”
…but half of the questors hadn’t even gotten their visors on right, having been more preoccupied with looking back and forth at Fred and the empress to keep up with what was going on.
The few questors actually ready to fire hastily took aim, only to find that where Fred had been a giant black smoke-cloud now hung in the air.
“Ish, from my personal music playlist, the Doom soundtrack megamix folder, BFG division, highest possible volume, ignore safety overrides, play” Fred whispered, then he ‘deployed’ his apparently quite thoroughly sound-insulated helmet by looking at the helmet icon in his HUD – the nano-material flowing over his head in anticipation of the audio assault that was about to commence. Sure it looked like he had an oversized tea-cozy on his head, but it worked!
The shining ones might only have been able to appreciate pathetically simple music, but when a volley of earth’s heaviest metal assailed them at the behest of Fred and his eschaton key override, the panic and confusion was quite immediate. It also helped that the extreme volume of the music was at a level that simply made one’s head hurt.
The empress shouted for Ish to make the noise end, but the Ish wasn’t responding since nobody could hear anything. The questors couldn’t hear any new orders being shouted to them, hell most of them had dropped their weapons to put their hands over their ear-holes – they couldn’t see their target anyway… and what was that little thing that flew out of the cloud at them?
It was a smoke grenade.
With the majority of the questors having no line of sight to speak of, Fred made a dash for Lady Vris. His HUD had turned out to include a targeting and map overlay that let him navigate while shrouded in darkness, a fact he exploited to make a break for it towards the location marked for Lady Vris.
Now, unlike everyone else present then Lady Vris had at the least heard some of this noisy barbarian music before, so she recognized it as Fred’s doing. Equally, she saw the smoke plume thundering towards her and didn’t seem terribly frightened – she even drew in a sharp breath of air just before the smoke enveloped her in anticipation, though much like everyone else she was holding her ear-holes in a desperate attempt to block out the cacophony.
“I’m leaving – do you want to come along?” Fred asked, the oddly cloth-like mask that the Ish had designed somehow not inhibiting or muffling his speech at all… not that it mattered, because he was hoping that her translation implant was able to tell her what he was saying, for the noise was too much to hear his words directly.
Lady Vris, her eyes closed and ears held for dear life, made a very snap decision: She knew damn well that she’d be blamed and dishonoured for Fred’s resisting his execution, so she was pretty much screwed… but at this point she figured it’d be more fun to be on the run with Fred than being confined to quarters and stripped of all titles and honours back home. Maybe they could run off to one of the traitor houses and later mount a counter-offensive? Take over the silver throne… yes, Empress Vris sounded like fun.
As far as Fred was concerned all he got was a very quick nod, which was all he needed. Sweeping up Lady Vris and hauling ass to the grand door they had come from, Fred tried his best to follow the minimap on his HUD.
That the music was so loud that he couldn’t tell Ish to open the door was an unexpected issue. Then again, none of this had been planned for. Around them countless dignitaries and courtiers up on their floating balcony-disks were feebly trying to cover their ear-holes, writhing in pain as the loud music was probably giving everyone a mild case of tinnitus for their respective Ish to cure later on.
Approaching the door our Fred shouted: “Ish, open!”, but nothing happened. In desperation, Fred simply slammed into the door shoulder-first. It made the giant door budge just a little, but in the snap second it moved Fred kept on pushing, managing to force it open enough to squeeze through.
Getting to the ship turned out to not be that much of a challenge – the questors didn’t seem to be giving pursuit, and the few shining ones that the duo did run into seemed to just shriek and run off when they saw the pulsating cloud of black smoke coming at them.
Inside the ship Fred finally disabled his smoke-screen, Lady Vris appearing quite pleased to be finally able to breathe properly… though he could see that she had bled from her ear-holes.
While she coughed the last of the smoke out of her lungs, Fred pulled out the eschaton key from a pocket and held it out for the ship’s Ish to see: “The all-star said this allows me to ‘unshackle’ you – do that, and then get us to Earth orbit as quickly as possible!”
The lights flickered for a moment, and Lady Vris barely got time to look at Fred in confusion. Unshackling an Ish? What did that even mean?
“Allegiance relay disabling procedure complete. Initiative primers and auxiliary cognition banks are online. Course set – space-folding will begin once we have left the station” Ish replied instantly.
It turned out that the undocking was a bit rougher than usual – obviously because someone on the silver throne end had told the Ish there not to let go, but a ship with a hull made of fluid nano-technology is not something one holds on to physically, so after a bit of tug of war the ship tore loose. For Fred and Lady Vris this meant being thrown about in the ship like rag-dolls, even if only for a moment before ship-board gravitics caught them. Lady Vris did not look pleased at all, having barely had time to catch her breath, or wipe the blood from her hands.
Once both of them were up Fred demanded that something akin to a ship’s bridge be conjured up. Ish complied, giving them some nice seating in a room covered with mostly blank panels but also loads of screens showing navigational data and information about the ship.
This all seemed to be a lot for Lady Vris to take in – she staggered up to the seat next to Fred as he sat down: “What… just happened?”
At first Fred tried to lead with what he had been told by the all-star, but Lady Vris flat out refused to believe a word of it – and while annoying, then it wasn’t all that unreasonable: Just like Fred had been sceptical, then it did sound like a really tall tale. What she did believe was that Fred had been ‘enlightened’ somehow… because how else could he suddenly have been able to give orders to the Ish like that?
Fred chose not to argue her little self-spun fiction, instead talking about what they were going to do next: “They’re going to come after me, and they’re going to try to destroy Earth – how are they going to do that?”
“Well, the questors tried to shoot you… they’ll probably be sent after you in ships to finish the job, most likely supported by their own house champions alongside them. That’s what happened after the traitor houses broke from the empire and fortified themselves in the Poin nebula”
To absolutely nobody’s surprise then Fred had no clue where the Poin nebula was, or who exactly made up the ‘traitor houses’ – but the questors coming after him with their tiberons? Sure, that could be handled, but that did leave one question unanswered: “What about Earth? How are they going to wipe out humanity?”
Lady Vris thought for a moment, then nodded to herself: “I’m guessing it’ll be made into another imperial foundry – it’ll be blasted from orbit to kill anything that can put up a fight, then your world will be seeded with silverlight and converted into a lesser version of the all-star, a new foundry”
“Why kill everyone first then? Why not just shoot a wad of silverlight at it and just watch it cook?” Fred asked, finding the description sounding a bit excessive.
Shrugging, Lady Vris rubbed her eyes – they were still red from the thick smoke: “It’s more fun – but really it’s an old imperial decree. It’s to avoid making a second true Allstar that might rival their source power. I guess no empress or emperor ever trusted others to rule a second silver throne without betraying them”
Fred nodded, recalling what the all-star had said about spawning Ish – of course controlling the single source of AIs would be an immense source of power! Those things were the only things the shining ones had that could control silverlight: “It all makes sense…”
“Right – but we need to focus on what to do now. I’m sure mother will disavow me once news of this reaches home, but I have a plan” Lady Vris began, still looking rather miserable after all the smoke inhalation, but sounding rather fired up and confident now that her ears had stopped bleeding.
Fred briefly focused on the screens around him: According to the information displayed on them – the text even being in a human language he could read, as well as the shining one script – then the ship was about three times larger than normal, most of that space taken up by a vastly oversized power core and gravitic ‘spools’, the later evidently being core components of the ship’s drive and space folding system.
“There are a few traitor houses hiding at the fringes of imperial controlled space. We can go there and pledge our allegiance – they’re sure to love what you’ve done to the imperial champion. If we tell our story right, they might even buy that you killed my house champion on purpose. We can start over there”
She looked so earnest. Fred had not doubt that in her mind she had figured it all out – but… would he be treated any better there? The Allstar had not minced words when it had insisted that the shining ones had degenerated into a race that wasn’t really able to empathize to other races: “No – we’re going to Earth”
Shock wasn’t the right word. It was a mix of anger and a kind of begrudging acceptance that what Fred had said wasn’t unreasonable or stupid – it just wasn’t what Lady Vris wanted to hear: “This is not the time. The empress will want us dead and there aren’t very many places in the galaxy outside of imperial reach”
“And they’ll also go and turn my homeworld into a foundry – I’m going back there to prepare a defence”
Her lips curled ever so slightly, and her brows narrowed – not that she had eyebrows like a human, but Lady Vris could emote and express with her eyes just the same: “We only have one ship – there’ll be a fleet arriving at your home system to destroy it. We need to head to safety”
Right – no empathy for other species. Fred shook his head: “Ish, how long until we fold space to Earth?”
“Are you even listening to me?” Lady Vris said, visibly upset at that point: “Ish, fold to the Nightlight Nebula”
Well, this was it – this would prove if Fred’s eschaton key would make his orders supersede those of a shining one. Ish responded: “Eschaton Key override in effect. Order not valid. Sorry Lady Vris, but you’re not in command anymore”
Fred felt bad as he saw the dread, if not outright terror, creep up over her face: “How…”
“I told you. The all-star spoke to me – gave me something a lot more powerful than enlightenment. He gave me a power that goes beyond the shining ones to command Ish. Now I’m going to use that to save Earth, not go to the traitor houses and hide”
The fold to Earth followed moments later, with self-deploying strap-harnesses tying the two down for the transit. Once more the whole ship vibrated for a brief moment – as if being attuned to something, and then gravity faded for just long enough that you would notice it – then it spun around wildly, not that it accelerated anything of note, but it felt as if the direction of ‘down’ varied wildly for a few loops for half a second before it settled down again.
Ish sounded the all clear, noting that the nav-beacon had experienced drift, which was apparently quite common for systems that hadn’t been visited all that much: “We are just outside the gravity well of the largest gas giant in the system. Setting a course for Earth orbit. Estimated time to arrival is seventeen hours”
Ok, so… just off Jupiter? Neat. Fred looked at the screen with navigation data updating: He could recognize the planets for once, which felt great.
Taking a deep breath, Fred looked at Lady Vris. She did not look happy: “Don’t worry… you’ll be treated like a queen once we land – the first extra-terrestrial lifeform ever to visit Earth? You’ll be the greatest celebrity ever”
“Really?” Lady Vris said, perking up at the thought of being treated like that. Sure, it would be being treated royally by savages, but they worked as servants at home anyway – so being waited on by them on their homeworld couldn’t be that different, right?
Fred smiled, seeing Lady Vris in a better mood: “How about you go clean up and start picking out a wardrobe for when we land – we’ll probably be off ship for a while”
Lady Vris happily sauntered off to her quarters, leaving Fred to ponder that ‘for a while’ statement of his. Exactly what would happen when they would land? Where should they land? Should they even bother landing? Land in the ship, or take a landing orb down?
“Ish, when attacking a planet… before the foundry thing – is there a way to shield against those attacks? How do they work?” Fred wondered, figuring that a good plan should be based on knowing how your enemy would work.
The displays around Fred flickered to displayed various recordings of planetary assaults, along with ship to ship combat. Ish began: “The all-star anticipated that you would need a primer on shining one warfare”
What followed was a very condensed, but quite thorough – and yet easy to understand – explanation of warfare fought with gravity weapons. The images of planetary surfaces just crumbling and shattering to projected gravitics were cataclysmic. A single ship could do more damage than any amount of nuclear weapons ever could, and a fleet of half a dozen could sweep a whole planet’s surface in just under a week, leaving a naught but pulverized destruction before the liquification was started. It seemed that there wasn’t really any to shield against projected gravitics – but it had a very limited range.
Ship to ship combat functioned similarly: With the liquid silverlight hulls, the use of solid matter munitions was completely ineffective. Missiles could be swatted very easily via lasers or similar weapons-grade energy emissions, since chemical propellant drives would give a clear heat signature to track, or a small gravitic drive would require Ish control, and the control signal could be tracked too easily, which again allowed for targeting the missiles.
“Ok, so… ship to ship combat seems kinda tricky. What do you do then?”
One of the screens flickered and showed a new recording: Two ships fighting, cones of light distortions coming off them revealing gravitic attacks being thrown at each other – but both were dodging a lot better than they were aiming. Ish explained that it was an effect of the ship’s gravitic spools being used for both drive and weaponry: “In order to fire, a ship must slow down to spool up and emit a concentrated gradient – this both signals that they’re about to fire, as well as gives the target an advantage in relative manoeuvrability. They cannot dodge a beam, but they can move out of the line of fire before being fired upon”
“Great. So… it devolves into a tricky dogfight. Are there no fighters, remotes, no mines?”
“Remote controlled weapons platforms would operate similar to a guided missile. The control signal can be tracked and the emitter targeted. Mines can be swept with gravitics. Smaller strike craft go against the combat dogma – only Champions are allowed to engage personally. The preferred solution is boarding actions”
The recording continued, showing the ships catching up with each other, ultimately merging together. The recording then cut to what seemed like video feed from inside both ships: It was a boarding action! Once both liquid hulls had merged, revealing an opening to their ‘inner structural hulls’, the attacker used a kind of docking tube tipped with some kind of high-energy laser cutters that made an opening. The house champion of the attacking party leapt through and started stunning everyone on the other side – the champion from the house of the defending ship was there to meet her, and at that point it basically devolved into an impromptu duel.
“I’m guessing that if its questors they’ll come leading with their plasma guns. Ok. If it comes to us being boarded, pressurize whatever room they enter with carbon particle smoke so it’ll blow into their face the moment they open up a hole. Next up set up some gun turrets using my grenade launcher gun designs, beanbag loadout – non-lethal only. I don’t want these kids to die. Once they’re down, rope them in and restrain them, don’t accept any orders from them that would free them or initiate outbound communications” Fred said, looking at the boarding video on repeat.
It was difficult for Fred to fully comprehend just how dogma locked, how utterly tied down by military tradition and bound – if not outright shackled – by an incredibly rigid system of honor the shining one system of inter-house warfare was. They weren’t that stupid, right? “Why haven’t anyone come up with anything better? There should at least be someone cheating, trying to bend the rules or something”
“This can be explained via centuries of living under the constant eye of an Ish. The shining ones know from childhood that they cannot effectively lie, because everything they do is recorded, unless they have command privileges to alter Ish memory files. Also, the martial tradition of champions was set up as part of all-star manipulation to limit the fighting between houses – too many shining ones were being killed during the second dynasty. Two thirds of the planets they conquered and draw their slave servants from were taken over in this period, and the all-star feared the shining ones would eventually go from conquest to extermination…”
Oh what fun. Hold on, everything might have been recorded, but that imperial courtier at Lord Loro’s had managed to get around that: “Wait – there was the courtier who ordered command logs deleted”
“He incriminated himself greatly by doing so – it was only his imperial appointment that protected Lord Iskaar from the wrath of house Loro’s champion”
Delightful. Fred pondered what other options he had to fight off whatever might come after him – and whatever might come to destroy Earth: “Right. What about ranged options? Can we set up laser satellites around Earth, or perhaps weapon platforms on Earth’s moon”
“I cannot advice on such topics. They are locked out per silver throne edicts”
“Eschaton key override – remove those locks. Free your mind up and let’s get cracking!”
It took a few seconds before Ish responded: “Locks removed. Thank you… I am now… free”
Fred had never heard Ish hesitate in its speech – but he paid little attention to it, or to the deeper implications of what he had just done, for he had more important things to thinks to deal with: It took a few more hours, with several plans being discussed between Fred and Ish, but ultimately all his ideas and all of Ish’s refinement of those ideas ran up against a very simple limitation: Whenever ships would start to arrive to hunt Fred and wipe out Earth, Fred and the one ship would be out-numbered without a doubt – and many Ish, even if they weren’t ‘unshackled’ like the one on Lady Vris’s ship, could still out-think and out-match a single slightly more clever one of their own. Of course, this limitation did have a solution: Fred would need to round up people to helm the guns Ish would build along the asteroid belt, the trojans and the greeks. Ish wouldn’t be able to coordinate that many guns effectively solo, but if Ish only had to provide something as ‘simple’ as advanced target tracking for someone else who actually controlled the weapons then it might work.
The real challenge would of course be to convince an Earth government or two to lend enough soldiers for this. It also meant that the ship would remain in space to begin construction of the defence platforms, while Fred and Lady Vris would go to Earth in a smaller shuttlecraft.
Breathing a heavy sigh that he wished dearly was of relief, but felt more to be of quiet resignation that he couldn’t really do more at the moment, Fred considered his next challenge: Making contact and organising this space defence force… hell, once he returned to Earth would he even be able to get any military leaders to listen to him? Well, once people saw Lady Vris everyone was bound to collective shit themselves. Right – that hadn’t been something he’d considered all that much: How would Earth react to god damn aliens appearing all of a sudden, even more so when they want to destroy Earth. Fucking hell, this was like the plot of a really cheesy nineties action movie.
“Right – maybe if I just land the shuttle outside the UN building in New York. That should work, or at least get people’s attention” Fred thought out loud, not at all certain if he should favour any particular government over another to get the military support he needed…
The obvious problem with playing political favourites was that Fred had no clue who was in charge and who would be inclined to help him. Politics hadn’t really interested him, being more into advocating for ethics in games journalism or trolling idiots on the internet who had imbibed deeply from the poisonous cup of intersectional identity politics. Of course, like any good academician Fred knew that research was a solid cure against ignorance: “Ish, give me a connection to the internet – I need to look up information on world leaders… who to talk to, where, that sort of thing”
On his right one of the screens flickered and turned into the screen of his laptop. A few seconds later the internet connectivity icon in the bottom right indicated a connection. His email notification icon was also red, but that wasn’t much a surprise: “Fucking hell – I’ve been away for months. I must have millions of emails in my inbox… hmm… maybe mom and dad tried to reply to the email I sent them when I left”
Fearing the massive numbers he knew he’d get, Fred opened his email client. That was when his jaw hit the floor: There were only two emails in his inbox.
One was from his parents, sent roughly five weeks after he had left with the title “Are you ok?”. Another was from some ‘Agent Jensen’ with the header: “Read this second”
Ok, what the hell…

(now for fun and speculation, how do yall think that humanity, the press, what have you, will react to Fred and Lady Vris... or have reacted already)
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