Improving my illustration skills

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2021.09.19 12:26 QTRoro123 Improving my illustration skills

I am a relatively newly qualified physiotherapist with three years of work experience in my field. However, I have been doing a lot of research in to scientific and medical illustration and I think it's much better suited to me than clinical work. (I LOVE learning and studying the theory of physiotherapy and human anatomy/ movement etc. but I'm finding that working with patients isn't quite as fascinating.)
I would like to apply to a masters in Scotland in the next year or two, but I'm concerned about my artistic skill level. I have always loved art, but have never taken art or design classes and everything I know has been self taught as a hobby. I am incredibly passionate about both art and science, and I am more than willing to put in the work necessary to improve, but I'm afraid I might be being a little unrealistic.

  1. Most people going in to illustration from a scientific background seem to have either studied art, or have become incredibly skilled on their own. Is one year (maybe two) long enough to improve my art skills to a level where I would be accepted in to a masters programme if I'm starting as more or less a total beginner?
  2. I'm working my way through the resources in the sidebar of this subreddit. Are there any other sites or courses you could recommend to help me prepare for a future in scientific illustration? (I'm trying to put together a sort of syllabus for myself to work on, if you have any suggestions for what should be on it I'm all ears!)
  3. Have you, or anyone you know, made it in to a masters/ in this field without already being incredible at art before you/they had decided to follow this path?
  4. Any other comments/ suggestions?
Thanks in advance!
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2021.09.19 12:26 Tessia0710 Where to read I Reincarnated For Nothing - Chapter 106 online for free!!

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2021.09.19 12:26 Castelloll Would anyone be able to help me complete this?

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2021.09.19 12:26 Ottothefister Ankündigung

Hallo, Nutzer des Unters
Geschichtsmaimais hat nun auch einen Instagram und einen Twitter Account
Schaut gerne vorbei
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2021.09.19 12:26 khastee but all knowledge has its price

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2021.09.19 12:26 g00yguy LF T3 Clash team G2 ADC/Mid pref but will play anything!

Add ASAP: g00yguy
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2021.09.19 12:26 El_uzunov E coller

Good day to all.
I want to start training my 33kg GSD using a shock collar ( e-collar)
Any recommendations?? Since I don't know any of the brands
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2021.09.19 12:26 pasarocks 2 x tickets to Roisin Murphy at Brixton Academy - face value

Listed on Twickets -,2
Gonna be a great gig I now can't go due to work commitments.
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2021.09.19 12:26 NewsElfForEnterprise Forget about inflation hitting your wallet unless you're rich. The stuff wealthy people buy just got more expensive, a Harvard ...

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2021.09.19 12:26 Bene2403 Should I evo now during the event or wait?

Hi I'm new and I want to know if I should evo my Oshawatt? Should I evo the 2 stars because they 500CP or do I evo the 3 stars i got from the event but they are 280CP and 350CP
The 350CP is a shiny too
I've got 300 candy for them and more than enough dust
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2021.09.19 12:26 Tessia0710 Where to read My MCV and Doomsday - Chapter 262: It's a Pity online for free!!

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2021.09.19 12:26 course_standard New architect freelancer(architects responses only pls)

Hello everyone, I need some help. I am just doing my upwork profile, I am an Architect with professional skills in Autodesk Cad and revit and photoshop and lumion etc... And I want to start my freelancing on upwork and I need to put my hourly rate. For a new incoming to this platform, how much should I start taking per hour? Thank you
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2021.09.19 12:26 thedancingkarim Anyone know wht these shoes are (it’s got the Adidas original design logo on side in a better picture and it’s green)

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2021.09.19 12:26 EEengineerxc McK Direct to EM

I've been perusing LinkedIn and seeing more and more young people go the path of BA->EM in a matter of just a few short years. For example, I just saw a profile of a c/o 2019 undergrad who was just promoted to EM this year. Surely they must be great at what they do but is the compensation also in-line with the traditional EM comp? I also understand an EM can exit to industry at the senior manager level and sometimes Director level. Do these Direct to EM consultants have similar exit opportunities? I would find it hard to believe a blue chip F100 would not be able to find better talent for those roles than someone just 3 years out of undergrad...? Thanks! Just trying to figure out what I want to do with my own life after school and found this intriguing.
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2021.09.19 12:26 ScoobyDooGangMember_ What slur makes someone automatically cool?

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2021.09.19 12:26 chemicalparts Can dementia make you mean and/or cause black and white thinking towards people?

Hi all, I just wrote a post that was a scattered mess so I'm trying again. I'm not asking for a diagnosis of course, just whether what I'm experiencing makes sense in the context of dementia or Alzheimer's or not.
Some background/what made me realise my mum has a problem:
A few weeks ago on a Friday morning, my mother (64f) ran over her dog. She didn't think the dog needed to see a vet despite her having serious gravel rash and a visibly injured leg, so she spent the day at home (maybe six hours) then left for a weekend holiday. I (32f) was meant to housesit on a different day but she gave me the wrong date four times and then demanded I come and do it even though I was busy. When I got there I found the dog. The vet was closed by then and no vet nearby was open Saturday so my bf (34m) and I drove 200km to get her treated, and when I got there mum texted me forbidding any x-rays. My children (14m, 11nb) saw it all and were mortified. I tried to explain to her that she doesn't understand the gravity of the situation, and she said "why couldn't you just deal with it and tell me enjoy my holiday?" When she got home on the Sunday, mum realised she was wrong. By Monday, the dog was in pain again despite the pain meds she was being given. Mum took her to the local vet and the dog ended up losing the leg.
This is the incident that made me realise that something is not right with my mother. I understand this could be explained by Alzheimer's, but obviously isn't definitive. I should add that she and this dog are attached at the hip, it's not that she's ordinarily neglectful or doesn't care about her.
What I don't understand is whether her cruelty towards me is potentially a symptom or if it's just who she is. She's returned to behaviour she used to engage in and had apologized for and stopped doing.
Besides calling me selfish (something she often does) while I was trying to explain what was going on with the dog she told me to f*** off. Today she reaffirmed that she was completely right to say that because I "sent a long text message" and she "doesn't like to text", even though I said I'd call her at the vet and she's the one who texted me. My kids tell me they witnessed a heartfelt apology to the dog if that matters.
I don't know if her telling my kids that I don't love them is illness or lucid cruelty when she used to tell me the same thing about my other family members (especially my bio dad). I don't know if her disinviting me to her birthday lunch then telling my kids I refused to come is illness or meanness. It's mostly because these aren't completely unusual out of character behaviours from her, but they're a lot worse now. We go through phases where we can get along and then she does something incomprehensibly selfish and we don't talk again for a while. Reasons like this:
Eg she received a large inheritance and offered to pay for me to get my teeth fixed, changed her mind after I booked a consult and spent the money on new kitchen drawer faces, and was sure to tell me all about them. I know it wasn't my money but I didn't ask, she offered then took it away for no discernible reason. The issue isn't the money but the offering and then changing her mind.
Eg. I wanted to buy a piece of furniture and she offered to drive her ute up to haul it. She told me to confirm the time with the seller on Facebook, and then when I told her I had, changed her mind and refused. No explanation given. Again, I didn't ask her to do it, she offered.
Eg. She told me she was "deeply hurt" that I only bought her a box of chocolates for Xmas. She bought me nothing (and she knows I'm a disabled student and she has a lot more money than I do. Her not buying me anything isn't unusual but it's the double standard that's really, really odd)
Eg. She ridiculed me for asking for a loan saying I'm old enough to take care of myself even though I financially supported her for five years when she was much older than I am now (but still working age and not disabled or anything)
But she does extremely kind things too, like offering her ute so I could move a bookcase then helping me pick it up and get it inside, finding a cheap secondhand sofa and buying it for me, giving me the bed in the spare room when my frame broke (I didn't even ask, she just offered). When I was in a bad way last year she gave me money for groceries on several different occasions. So she isn't always horrible, sometimes she's incredibly kind and sometimes she's horrible to me.
I thought she was just strange but regardless of her mixed feelings for me, she did (does?) love that dog. Were it not for that I'd assume she just periodically hates me. There are other symptoms though; she's become a terrible driver, she used to be a really discerning and critical thinker and now she believes basically anything, she mixes up dates all the time and forgets things etc.
An example of past weird rather than mean behaviour: maybe five years ago she was showing me some tea towels she had bought, then when I visited a few weeks later she said she couldn't find them and asked me if I'd stolen them (I have no history of theft or interest in tea towels). Why would she think I'd steal a tea towel? Why would anyone?
Could Alzheimer's, or really any age related brain issue, make her mean like this? Could it make her revert back to past mean behaviour she had stopped doing? Can I reasonably dismiss this as a problem with her mind or is this kind of behaviour just personality? Could she have had some issue like this for several years? The woman at the helpline said intelligent people sometimes fly under the radar because they can use their intelligence to compensate for their symptoms.
Apologies if this is all over the place. If you got to the end, thanks for reading.
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2021.09.19 12:26 Sergentbulfrog MESPRIT Raid on us, adding 10 1231 1671 1020 and 0878 2862 0712

MESPRIT Raid on us, adding 10
1231 1671 1020 and 0878 2862 0712
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2021.09.19 12:26 External-Row758 Help
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2021.09.19 12:26 Knowledgefirework how many of u found out this swimming selfie animation just now? Insomniac amazes me

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2021.09.19 12:26 Pushkar379 2297 8403 3041 Mesprit inviting 10

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2021.09.19 12:26 johnmory What was the best advice you have ever received?

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2021.09.19 12:26 cdell 8/25 Order Cancelled

Just got the email about 10 mins ago that my 8/25 order was cancelled. Anybody else? Beyond frustrated right now. Walmart can go to hell.
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2021.09.19 12:26 Worldly_Yam_5416 If 2 companies lets say A and B have shares in a company C. A has 51% B has 49% of C. But A has 4 out of 10 seats for Board Of Dire. And B has remaining 6. Who should prepare consolidated Statements? Also A is a Passive Investor and Happy with Performance when B runs the Company. Thanks in advance

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