Microsoft Portal update after final.

2021.09.19 14:12 ImagineLegend Microsoft Portal update after final.

Had anyone taken the Microsoft final last week and gotten a portal update and or offerejection?
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2021.09.19 14:12 altforembarrassment infamous griefer popbob is a trans icon

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2021.09.19 14:12 sheieije Hello! I want to buy an old FM game but don’t know which is the best. Please tell me which you think is the best retro FM game. Thank you!

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2021.09.19 14:12 badpro2017 I wish you all a happy Sunday 🙌

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2021.09.19 14:12 Prestigious-Humor-53 Korengal- , another toxic in this game...

Korengal- , another toxic in this game... Hi, just to report another toxic in R6.. He didn't stop to trash talk and said some disproportionate words (I avoid you the multiple "gn"). He was stacked with The911GT3RS (he's tagged for Toxic Behavior too). Nobody was cheating btw
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2021.09.19 14:12 IrelandonRedditBot [r/OldPhotosInRealLife] Ballymena, Northern Ireland 1899 and 2021

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2021.09.19 14:12 zippee100 glitter

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2021.09.19 14:12 Epicman259 CPDs in a 7 gallon?

i have a heavily planted 7 gallon and I want some CPDs but I don't know if its big enough
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2021.09.19 14:12 FoxyFreebooter Spotlight Car Data - BMW 1 Series M Coupé

Spotlight Car Data - BMW 1 Series M Coupé - Street Modern Common
Total 18 spins - 8 Spotlight cars
14x 2\ & 4x 3*, 0x Epic, 3x Rare & 15x Common*
2* - Mercedes AMG GT R
Not much to show this week other than the 2* AMG, tuning kits and credits 😐.
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2021.09.19 14:12 justme444_ Hey I’m 19 , looking for friends with Tourette’s/tic disorders☺️

I’m in the process of getting a diagnoses for my tics, they have progressed quite a bit over the past 4 months (before they were mostly motor tics like neck jerks, facial tics, clicking with simple vocal tics like whistling, mouth popping, throat clearing etc.. but now my tics have become more complex, my vocal tics are now full sentences as-well as phrases and my motor tics are are more aggressive and painful but they haven’t always been like this. As a child I only had facial tics🤷🏽‍♀️ I just wondered if there was anyone else that has experienced a sudden progression with their tics I would also just like more friends that have tics like me haha😂.
Hope everyone’s having a good day, hopefully I hear from some of you☺️✨
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2021.09.19 14:12 AnwarPresents Best Universities in Argentina 2021 #shorts

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2021.09.19 14:12 WestcoastManz #18 Talega Golf Course. San Clemente, California

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2021.09.19 14:12 jetsfan333 bears -2 revenge of dalton

In week 1 panthers/jets sam darnold and robby anderson got a bit of double revenge. vs their former team. I cashed in posted play of panthers -4 darnold ov passing yards, anderson to score a td +170 and games first td scorer anderson 10-1. So why not hit it again with dalton in a similiar scenario vs bengals.
Bears -2 -110
Dalton ov 215.5 yds -110
parlayed +255
Bears drop down in class and take on bengals after getting handled by rams in la. look ahead line was bears-3.5 -4, but bengals upset the vikings, which may seem impressive but if you factor in the vikings bad record on the road vs afc it loses its luster, so now there is value on the bears at under a fg.
Dalton isn't any good but vs his old old team in a scenario where he's likely to lose his starting spot sooner rather then later, you have to figure the guy will be motivated and ready. Last year vs bengals with cowboys he threw 2 tds and had a qbr of 122 in a 30-7 dallas win, so he has played well in this situation before, think he does it again here.
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2021.09.19 14:12 Vallhemn MONSTER HUNTS: FEYWILD is now available on the DMsGuild! 75 pages of sweet nightmare-fuel fey creatures, complete with habitat details, natural weaknesses, magical items, harvest tables, and of course, monster hunts!

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2021.09.19 14:12 canadian-weed How to Protect Against Deepfake Attacks and Extortion

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2021.09.19 14:12 Royalehighsg WOULD ANYONE TAKE 75K FOR PARSOL?

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2021.09.19 14:12 Jessezz99 Unpopular opinion?: Almost every older boy$ songs are underrated,

I see many posts about ”this is underrated song” I just think most of it are underrated and straight bangers such as Black $uicide, Let ’em Burn and Hair, etc.
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2021.09.19 14:12 S0apyShaderAndModels Height blending materials in ShaderGraph

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2021.09.19 14:12 yawningvoid28 Why can't you sleep?

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2021.09.19 14:12 RedVelvetBite F 31 am I hot?

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2021.09.19 14:12 Strange-Discipline-8 Whatsapp'a anket özelliği

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2021.09.19 14:12 twvancamp [S] [USA-WI] Konica M-Hexanon 35mm f2 Leica M Mount

For sale: Konica M-Hexanon 35mm f2 Leica M Mount
More images:
User condition. General wear to the body, a little loose on the aperture, and some damage to the front ring as you can see in images. Filter still attaches, aperture clicky, and the lens works and feels great, the focus is smooth. I recently took it on a road trip and shot 5-6 rolls of film with great results. It was difficult to find this lens and even harder to let it go, but I'm trying to save up for a digital camera. Comes with a rear cap and front filter. Thanks for looking!
Some sample photos:
- Here's one, and digital on an M9.
$830 includes fees and shipping to CONUS
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2021.09.19 14:12 artompek ......

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2021.09.19 14:12 BlackFish_Ua AMAZON + XRP 😮

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2021.09.19 14:12 theguywithAI 152V -> 161V: In less than a month; Non native speaker.

First Attempt: 152V 163Q 4AWA (9th Aug, QVQVQ) Second Attempt: 161V 164Q 4AWA (9th Sep, VQVQV)
As mentioned, I am a non native speaker from India and I have never read an actual book in my life. Below is my experience in improving verbal.
Vocab: Attempt 1: 800-850 retained from Gregs 900 Attempt 2: 1150-1200 retained from Gregs 900 + Barrons 800
I used Gregmat’s 900 word list during my first attempt and very soon I realised that it is not enough as I found I knew very few words on the exam. So during my second attempt I learned words from Barrons 800 list as well. This time I knew good 80%+ words from my test (both from greg and barron). I must say that there is luck factor in vocab because in my second attempt I also found high number of gregs words than last time.
Preparing for second attempt: In my first attempt, my diagnostic was: TC: 4/12 SE: 5/8 RC: 11/20
I knew TC was my biggest challenge and also the RC. I started with increasing vocab as mentioned above, but even after a lot of practice (ETS Questions) I was only able to improve a little. Nevertheless I did make some progress after working on: - Determining support or contrast - Determining the right clues in the sentences I made sure while I was practicing I was applying strategies and trying to find faults in my application of those strategies. This helped me answer most of the easy and medium questions however I was still eating shit on the hard ones.
So I decided that I need to improve the dreaded RC. To be very honest I was shit scared, I had my test approaching very fast and I was scared if I’ll just waste my time working on my RC and never improve, I always believed RC was my weakest and I was actually satisfied with 11/20 as I was aiming for a 157-158 in my second attempt on verbal.
After reading and going through a lot of suggestions I found Manhattan Prep YouTube channel and Manhattan RC Strategy guide. I began my approach by trying to understand the logic behind RC questions and this is exactly what Manhattan Prep YT channel and the Strategy guide talk about. I 100% recommended whoever is working on RC watch “Manhattan Prep Hour” videos on RC and read first couple of pages on their RC Strategy guide. Some of the things I picked up: - First couple of sentences and the last couple of sentences are the most important in a passage as the deliver the central idea. - 70% of the information on passage is literally useless, you only need the important bits that progress the central idea of the passage - It is easy to understand authors stance by looking at the type of evidences they provide and claims they makes - No outside knowledge, strictly - No over simplification of central Idea - No diving into specifics of one part of passage with regard to central Idea - Central Idea is everything - Each option under the question must by justified using evidence from passage These are few of the things I realised after my “quest” to Hack the RCs. Then I started my practice, surprisingly enough, I was barely making mistakes! I also focused on what way better suites me while reading passage. For me it was: - Reading slow and grasping the important bits of passage and just remembering the location of bits that might be complicated and when there was a question related to a specific bit, go back and read that bit with central Idea still in mind It took me less than a week to improve my RC. I should also mention that first I was struggling with complex sentence structures in RC (due to being non native speaker) so I bought a subscription of NYT and read an article daily which improved my reading speed and understanding of sentence structures.
Finally SE, since I increased my vocab, with a little practice I was able to pair up words pretty well and was doing good overall.
Point to note, on the verbal prep, I only spent about 2 weeks or less with average of 1-2hrs a day since I work full time + college. So for me this was a huge improvement
On the other hand, Quant. I puked all over it so let’s not talk about that xD maybe I’ll give GRE a third time because this battle between me and GRE in a way has turned personal and it feels like I need to defeat it or get haunted by it for rest of my life.
Ignore any typos, I typed it on my mobile.
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