[Art] ? this is the map me and my friends made for our first campaign I dm so what do you think?

2021.09.19 13:15 sakuragusnalban [Art] ? this is the map me and my friends made for our first campaign I dm so what do you think?

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2021.09.19 13:15 altcoincamden I once inquired about the roles of robots or artificial intelligence in the hotel and real estate industries. I haven't read about $LABS' strategic approach to their ongoing projects, but it's exciting to see them collaborate with REAL ESTATE DEVELOPERS.

I once inquired about the roles of robots or artificial intelligence in the hotel and real estate industries. I haven't read about $LABS' strategic approach to their ongoing projects, but it's exciting to see them collaborate with REAL ESTATE DEVELOPERS. submitted by altcoincamden to NFTMarketplace [link] [comments]

2021.09.19 13:15 ShinaKumo An article of How to make Americans get mad (Translate by DeepL)

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2021.09.19 13:15 johnrock001 What are Manga and Anime?

What are Manga and Anime? - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/what-are-manga-and-anime/
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2021.09.19 13:15 doctormelonman Quiet Sunday Afternoon

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2021.09.19 13:15 roh4u85 Taraji P. Henson [2395x3583]

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2021.09.19 13:15 blue-pixie- When did you last realize you shouldn’t use sharp objects

I just cut my finger trying to cut a mango 😢 There was a big knife I’ve never seen and a mango and I wanted it even though it was probably for my roommate. This is what I get! Now I’m not hungry and had to lay down because I felt like I had to pass out
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2021.09.19 13:15 AdWild6726 💎 BIG BTC (BBTC) is the king of meme coin deployed on binance smart chain offering the Biggest reflection reward in 8% BTC after every hour.

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💠 Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x03d2beed399cfd682213c03b8f3fe81771dd3b12
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2021.09.19 13:15 Deep_Sounds_ASMR Hey guys, i tried doing a LoFi Hip Hop Beats Video for Sleeping, Relaxing or Studying, what do you think?

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Gifts and exp
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2021.09.19 13:15 svanapps r/CryptoMarkets - Solana going down does nothing but proves that it isn't ready for mass adoption like something such as Polygon

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2021.09.19 13:15 coarsing_batch Would anybody be interested in a Reddit Thanksgiving potluck?

Hey Kingston. How are we all doing today?
I’ve been thinking about this for a while and now that we are allowed to at least meet up outdoors and wondering if it would be possible. I have been really enjoying everything that I have read from everyone in the last year, and while I understand the reddit is generally supposed to be anonymous, I would love to meet people and hear your voices and share food and craft beer maybe with you all. I was wondering about peoples thoughts on perhaps having an outdoor potluck at somewhere like skeleton park maybe? We could barbeque some things, we could all bring whatever food we wanted, and we would be outdoors so there would be lots of room to be spaced out. It would be really lovely to celebrate Thanksgiving with super interesting people like yourselves. Absolutely no pressure. Maybe it’s too early, or maybe this seems too weird. I won’t be offended if people say no. I’m just putting the idea out there for anyone who is interested. I don’t even know what weekend we would do yet. Maybe the first weekend in October I’m thinking, but I’m flexible. I think it could be neat to meet up after so long being physically separated from everyone. What do you guys think? Is this something that we might be interested in? I’m open to any and all ideas about times, places, any of it. and I just love cooking, especially for lots of people. It is probably one of my love languages. So hoping to hear your thoughts.
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2021.09.19 13:15 Mission-Story-4411 Cyperpunk style sidewalk (cycles)

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2021.09.19 13:15 Not-a-Cat-Ass-Trophy Turing machines on bitcoin? Well, actually no.

Hello, dear readers!
sCrypt blog published another treatise on Turing-completeness. Broadly speaking, it is yet another rehash of the same old idea of theirs: let's take sCrypt/Bitcoin script (which lacks control flow structures required to make it Turing-complete) and pair it up with an entity of unspecified nature that would implement control flow, and says that the resulting two-part system is Turing-complete, downplaying the role of (and, indeed, the whole presence of) external entity as much as we can.
So instead of "sCrypt could be used to implement a Turing machine" we get "sCrypt could be used implement a state transition function of the Turing machine, and some external entity could be calling this as many times as necessary until the external entity is able to determine that no further state transitions are necessary".
Going along the same lines, one would be able to make an absurd claim that the stack of paper and a pencil is Turing complete -- provided that some external entity performs all necessary computations and writes down the current state of the Turing machine on a piece of paper (so that "computations" could be resumed if more state transitions are necessary).
Thus, we have another entry in the graveyard of dysfunctional sCrypt Turing-completeness proofs, which makes it no clearer why do they deem this as a goal worth pursuing.
CSW seems to be very fond of this topic, though, so maybe this is a personal pet peeve of his?
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2021.09.19 13:15 ThatExoGuy The Longest Road [Part 2]

Part 1
The darkness on the highway grew thinner as we drove, and after a few hours, we were able to see our surroundings again. Sort of. It was still night, and the thick clouds above still blocked any source of light, but the air itself didn’t suffocate my high beams into nothingness anymore.
So, given that I could make out the road again, I sped up. And Sophie didn’t complain this time, as neither of us wanted another surprise like that truck. At that moment, speed was our main defense from whatever other horrors lurked on the highway. The only downside to going that fast was that we nearly missed the first road sign we came across.
“Wait!” Sophie yelped. “What did that say?!”
“On it,” I answered, braking and throwing the pickup in reverse.
We went back and stopped next to the sign, hoping against hope that it would offer us something, anything. It was old and rusted, bent to hell and back, and its paint chipped off in large flakes. But luckily for us, the message on it was still visible: Perdition, off-ramp in ten miles.
“Didn’t those two...guys? Demons? Whatever,” Sophie mumbled. “Didn’t they mention this place?”
“They did,” I answered.
“Should we give it a shot then?” Sophie continued, and I could make out the worry in her voice clearly.
“Not sure, but it’s our only lead this far,” I answered.
“I don’t really want to,” she admitted. “What if there’s more of them? What if they’re pissed about what we did to their pals?”
“Tell you what,” I offered. “We’ll go, but we won’t get out. We’ll do a drive-by and decide what to do then.”
“Sounds good,” Sophie answered, “but if the situation gets sticky, peel out of there, okay?”
“Will do,” I assured her with a smile.
We hit the road again, and given our speed, ten miles passed in the blink of an eye. Before long, we encountered more signs, each one counting down the distance to our destination. The off-ramp came up ahead, so we slowed and entered it, leaving the highway behind. After a short spin on the off-ramp spiral, we were spat out on a dirt road that was barely wide enough to fit my pickup. It went off into the distance, and we could somewhat make out buildings by its end.
“I don’t really like this,” Sophie said.
“Me neither,” I admitted, “but we have to check it out.”
We started towards it, slow and unsteady on the uneven terrain. It was full of potholes, some as deep as my tires were tall, and I was afraid of getting the pickup stuck. I had to navigate it with care, and more than once Sophie had to get out and guide me. She really hated that, but we didn’t have many options.
Some half an hour and maybe one mile later, the road evened out as we neared the town. By that point we could make out the buildings better, but we couldn’t see any lights or activity. The place looked barren and desolate, and despite not expecting a warm, welcoming atmosphere, we were still somewhat let down.
“Let’s turn around, this place looks abandoned,” Sophie complained.
“Nah,” I said. “We came this far, let’s at least go in and check it out.”
I didn’t entertain her further, instead driving into town. The lone working headlight illuminated the place for the first time, offering details to the otherwise dark contours of buildings. Everything looked rundown, with shattered windows, missing doors, and large holes in the walls and rooftops. I’ve only ever seen warzones in pictures and videos before, but Perdition gave me the feeling that the bombs stopped dropping shortly before our arrival.
“Come on, Jenkins,” Sophie pleaded. “This place is scary and ominous as fuck, let’s turn around and go.”
"Yeah," I agreed. "I just need to find an intersection and I'll turn around, the streets are too narrow."
We drove a bit further into town, but there didn't seem to be any other roads besides the main one. As I looked around for a place wide enough to allow me a Y turn, I noticed something moving in one of the houses. A barely visible shadow hidden by the darkness darted behind a window, but I couldn't make out any details. Given the fact that I was unnerved by the place, I chalked it up to my imagination playing tricks on me.
That was until I saw another one, and then another one, all as fast and mysterious as the first. I was well aware of horror tropes, so I decided to take them seriously, to not be the idiot that ignores the obvious dangers.
"Sophie," I whispered, "don't panic but…"
"We're being watched, yeah," she whispered back. "What now?"
"Not much we can do except to keep going," I answered.
"Just...start backing up," Sophie provided a solution.
"Nope," I said, "no way in hell I can pull that off. I needed guidance on the way here, going through that blindly and in reverse will 100% get us stuck."
"Ughhh, why did you have to have a pickup?!" She complained.
I wanted to tell her that my choice in cars was severely limited by my severely limited budget, but I didn't get to. A figure walked out of one of the buildings, stopping in the middle of the road and blocking our way. Sophie gasped and urged me to floor it, to run the figure over, and I was just about to do that.
But then it did something unexpected and gave me pause. It raised its hands up in the air and stood motionless, in a clear signal that it meant us no harm.
"It's obviously a trap," Sophie complained, "what are you waiting for?!"
"Let's give him a chance," I answered calmly. "We need info, he might have it."
I didn't listen to her pleas, instead slowing down and stopping right in front of the figure. He was an old man, naked and with pasty white skin, his junk flailing freely in the breeze. There was no hair on his body to speak of, not a single strand, and he was tall and lanky, looking like he was on the verge of dying from malnutrition.
I rolled down my window and pushed my head out, beckoning him closer. Sophie was elbowing me hard, whimpering and begging me under her breath to just fucking go, please.
"Hello, travelers," the old man greeted. "Welcome to Perdition."
"Sup," I greeted back.
"What are you doing in these parts?" He asked. "People don't usually wander into town on their own."
"We're looking for directions," I answered.
"Yeah, directions," Sophie burst out from my side. "So please tell us and we'll be out of your hair as soon as possible."
"That's not necessary," the old man answered. "You're welcome to stay if you want, and in fact I recommend it. Going further is a...bad idea."
"How so?" I asked.
"Please," the man said and gestured towards one of the houses, "come inside. I will answer all of your questions, but it isn't safe out here with the darkness around."
"No," Sophie broke out. "No, no, fuck no!"
"Miss, please don't swear," the old man asked politely. "We're not allowed to commit any kind of sin here in Perdition, no matter how small."
Both of us were taken aback by that, and Sophie more so than myself. I thought our situation through for a moment, then I spoke to the old man.
"We'll need a moment of privacy, if you don't mind," I told him.
"Go ahead," the old man said, taking a step away from the pickup as I rolled the window up.
"Okay Sophie, here's what we'll do," I whispered to her.
"What we'll do is that you'll either turn around or back up out of here because this place is creepy as hell," she protested before I even got to tell her my plan.
"No, listen," I insisted. "It's creepy, yeah, but the geezer doesn't give me bad vibes. I think I can trust him. So I'll go with him inside and ask him some questions, it'll be quick. You stay here with the truck, and if I'm not back in like ten minutes you can drive away on your own, okay?"
"Come on, Jenkins," she pleaded. "You can't be serious."
"I am," I said and I opened the door. "Ten minutes."
I closed it behind me after I left the truck, and I watched Sophie clambering over the gear shift and into the driver seat. The old man got by my side, watching her as well. She mouthed ten minutes, don't be late through the window, so I turned to the old man.
"Isn't your friend going to join us?" He asked when he saw Sophie putting the seat belt around herself.
"No," I answered. "No offense, old man, but we don't exactly trust you. She'll be the designated driver in case you try some funny stuff and we need to get away fast."
"Understandable," the old man said, "and I appreciate your honesty. But doesn't she have questions as well?"
"I'll fill her in when we're done," I answered.
"Very well," the old man accepted with a sigh. "Follow me."
I did, and he led me into one of the houses. Inside was just as dark as I expected, and I lost my sight almost entirely the moment I stepped foot through the front door. The old man realized that right away, so he slowed down and led me around.
The situation had me more than a little worried, I'll admit. I was unable to see any threats coming, or much less run away from them. But I was sure we were neck deep in shit regardless, so I pressed on.
"My name is Alfred, by the way," the old man introduced himself as we reached a room in the back of the house.
"Jenkins," I reciprocated as he guided me to a rickety chair next to a window. "Nice to meet you, Alfred."
"Likewise," Alfred answered. "Hopefully you two will fit right in and won't cause any problems, newcomers always tend to do that."
He sat down in front of me, and looked out the window at the barely visible mountain in the distance. Faint traces or reddish light emanated from a source behind it, giving me hope that sunrise was on the way.
"Before you ask your questions, might I ask one of my own?" Alfred asked.
"Sure, shoot away," I said.
"Thank you," Alfred said. "Please tell me, what year is it in the living world? It's hard to keep track of time down here."
I raised an eyebrow at that question, though Alfred probably didn't see it.
"2021," I answered.
"So it's been nearly six hundred years," Alfred mumbled to himself.
"Can I ask my own questions now?" I asked, seeing that he was distracted.
"Of course," Alfred said after he composed himself a bit.
"Okay. What did you mean by down here?"
"What do you think I meant?" Alfred answered my question with another.
"So we're playing coy?" I asked. "When you said you'd answer me, I expected straight answers. Anyways, I think we're in some sort of hell," I answered honestly.
"Correct," Alfred stated. "Not some sort of hell, but actual Hell. Well, it would be more correct to say that we're on Hell's doorstep."
That answer blew me away, even though I expected this to be the case. I didn't want to think about it because I didn't like the implications, but me and Sophie were dead.
“That’s...a lot to take in,” I mumbled.
"I suppose it is, but that’s the unfortunate truth. You and your friend died, Jenkins," Alfred answered with finality. "The scales tipped, and you were damned to Hell. Souls wake up on this highway that leads to Hell's Gates. If you weren't a particularly good or bad person in life, you'll end up here in Perdition to spend the rest of eternity in Purgatory until you rot away completely."
“And if we were more bad than good?” I asked, aware of my past sins and of the fact that I wasn’t truly neutral.
“Demons haunt the highway in groups of two, using contraptions that I was told are called trucks. They round up all of the sinners they find and take them to Hell's Gates," he answered. "But don't worry, if the two of you made it here without meeting them, eternal fire is not your fate. Here you are safe."
"Okay," I said, deciding to keep the truth to myself.
We heard a honk from outside, which made Alfred jump from his seat.
"That was my pickup," I said, taking off before he had a chance to.
We rushed to the front door, finding Sophie and the pickup still there. She was surrounded by curious onlookers, looking at them with worry from inside. She shrunk in the seat, trying to make herself unseen, but failed miserably.
"Leave the lady alone," Alfred scolded from behind me. "Can't you see she is scared?"
At that, the crowd dispersed, going every which way as they returned to their hidey holes. Alfred let out a deep sigh, and I could see Sophie doing the same inside the truck.
"Allow me to show the two of you to an unoccupied house, you look as if you need rest," Alfred offered.
"You can bet," I answered. "But just let me have a moment with her first, okay?"
"I will wait here."
I walked back to the pickup and got in. Sophie looked at me expectantly, so I didn't keep her waiting. I told her everything I had found out from Alfred, and I told her that I lied about the haulers so we'd be on the same page in case he questioned her.
"Will they be coming for us here?" She asked when she heard that.
"Dunno," I answered honestly. "I didn't ask what they do to people that get away, it would've been too suspicious."
"Okay," Sophie said with a sigh. "We found our answers, so let's hit the road."
"Actually," I cut in, "I'm not too eager to deliver myself to Satan. I was thinking we should stay here."
Sophie gave me a lopsided look when she heard that, as if her ears played tricks on her.
"What now?" She asked.
"Alfred said we're welcome to stay, they have room for us. There's nowhere else to go, and Perdition sure as shit beats eternal torment in Hell."
"No, it's a mistake," Sophie burst out. "I'm not supposed to be here, I have two kids back home. Two young kids, Jenkins," she pleaded. My heart broke hearing that. "I can't leave them with their deadbeat father, I have to get back to them."
"Okay, how about this then," I tried a different approach. "Let's go inside and rest for a bit. We're both tired and not thinking straight. After that, we'll see what we can do."
"If you want to stay, go ahead," Sophie said, anger building up in her words. "But don't force me to as well. Give me the pickup and I'll be on my way, you won't need it."
Now it was my turn to sigh at her stubbornness. I reached over, turned the keys, and plucked them out of the ignition. Sophie complained and tried to slap them out of my hands, but I got out. She however didn't let up, following me as she started crying and screeching at the top of her lungs.
"I swear to God," she threatened, "if you don't give me the keys and let me go I'll kick your ass!"
"You're not thinking straight!" I yelled back. "We're dead, Sophie! Dead! There's no changing that, and I won't let you walk yourself into Hell!"
Her face puffed up, cheeks growing red as she heard me yell at her. Wrath lingered behind her stare, but she seemed to calm down. Calculated malice took its place, so I decided to keep an eye on her. Although I'd never seen it in my own mother, I heard that parental instincts could turn women crazy in their attempts to protect their kids.
"Fine," she relented. "Let's get this over with, get your beauty sleep already."
I didn't say anything else, hoping to avoid making the situation worse. Instead I walked up to Alfred, with Sophie on my heels. He led us away to the promised house, which was just down the road.
"You may sleep," Alfred said as we reached the front door of the house, "but please remain vigilant at all times. The bats will be coming soon, you will need to retreat to the basement when that happens."
"The what now?" Sophie asked.
"Oh, please excuse me," Alfred apologized, rubbing the back of his head. "I forgot you're new to Hell. Roughly once every thirty days, a horde of flying demons is released upon the highway. With their sharp senses, they seek out any wayward sinners that the haulers might have missed."
Sophie shot me a quick glance, but the look in her eyes told me more than words ever could. The two of us were wayward sinners, so the arrival of these bats was bad news.
"You said that this place is safe though," I spoke with mounting terror.
"The bats do come into Perdition," Alfred admitted, "and they do take whoever they can find. But the basements are safe so long as you remain quiet."
"Okay," I said. "We'll be going to sleep down there then. No point in risking it upstairs.”
“Fair enough,” Alfred said. “This here is the house,” he continued, waving his hands at a particularly devastated building. “A family of six used to live here for decades, but the bats got them a few months ago. It’s been empty ever since.”
Sophie shot me another glare, all but yelling is this for real?! And I understood her, it was spooky as all hell to know you occupy a house who’s original owners now burn for eternity. But then again, that could be said about a lot of homes back on Earth if we can be honest, and having a roof over my head sure beats being out in the open when flying demons would come. So I followed Alfred inside as he showed us around, and Sophie lingered behind me, oozing bad vibes.
“What the…” she hissed, with horror mounting in her voice.
I rushed over to her, finding her on the threshold to another room. Loud, raspy, uneven breathing came from inside, so I strained my eyes to make out the scene in the darkness. Contours emerged from the shadows, forming into the shapes of thrashed furniture and boarded up windows. Someone was in there, huddled in a corner and surrounded by chaos.
The slender silhouette became clearer as my eyes adjusted, and I saw it was an old woman in a state of undress similar to Alfred's. Except she was just a bag of skin pulled taut over bones. She didn't react to our presence at all, just stood there weeping and wheezing.
"That's a Husk," Alfred spoke from behind us with sadness in his voice. "I'm ashamed to admit that I no longer remember her name, but many people come to Perdition."
"You said that people can wither away here," I said. "Is...is that the end result?"
"It is," Alfred answered. "That is the fate that awaits us all in Perdition. Her mind has rotten away into nothingness, and her body weakened as much as hell will allow. She is no longer here, she can't feel pain, hunger, or anything else for that matter."
A shiver passed clean through my soul at the thought that I will one day end up in a similar state.
"So then what?" Sophie asked in a meek voice. "Do they spend the rest of eternity like that?"
"No," Alfred answered. "At some point, they get up and wander out of Perdition. I don't know where they go or what happens to them, unfortunately."
We dropped the discussion, as neither one of us was curious at that point to find out more. We discovered enough for the time being, leaving our sanity on the brink of shattering. What we needed was time to rest, to digest everything and come to terms with it.
Alfred led us into the basement and took his leave. We gathered whatever we could find in the house to improvise some bedding, which wasn't much to be honest. But it was better than sleeping on the floor, so I was grateful.
Sophie had been silent through all of it, and I didn't dare speak to her either. I decided to give her some space for the meantime, certain that she would come around eventually. I sat down on my nest of furniture pieces, and I drifted into sleep soon after.
I'm not sure for how long I slept, but I woke up to a tidal wave of screams and flapping wings. Sophie was nowhere to be seen, I was alone in the basement. I hastily checked my pockets, finding that the pickup's keys were gone.
"God damn it!" I yelled, jumping to my feet.
I wasn't thrilled about being outside with all I heard going down around me, but I had to find her. I didn't want to lose the keys to potentially the only working vehicle down here, or worse yet be teleported to God knows where if she got away.
Getting into the street, I saw the world was reduced to shades of blood red and black. The lights behind the mountain spread, consuming the sky and reflecting off of it before bathing the world below. Dark pinpoints moved through the clouds, letting out the screeches I'd been hearing as they searched for prey.
People ran around me at random, in search of places to hide. I had to dodge them as I advanced towards my pickup, which was luckily still where I had parked it. But I didn't get to reach it. The engine rumbled to life, the lone working headlight lit up, and I saw Sophie behind the wheel.
"What is she doing?! She'll draw the bats in!" I heard an angry yell.
Turning around, I found Alfred running out of one of the houses and towards me. Sophie drove off, also towards me might I add, so I dodged out of the way. Alfred, on the other hand, hadn't been so lucky. She ran the truck into him, lifting him on the hood before driving off.
"What the fuck?!" I yelled.
She needed a place to turn around, so I figured I could wait there for her return. Hopefully she'd notice me this time and stop, though I started doubting that would be the case.
Anyways, I didn't get the opportunity to stick around and find out. One of the bats dove down from the sky, crashing into the street and sending dust flying into the air. I turned tail and ran for cover, hearing it thrashing behind me in the cloud that it had produced.
Inside the first house I reached, I found more people cowering in fear. They went every which way trying to hide, but that was a luxury that I couldn't afford. Between the bat nearing from behind, and my need to stay close to the main road, I had to keep on the move.
I ran from one room to another, followed from behind by a tidal wave of people. The ceiling collapsed, and an infernal creature crawled inside through the hole. I only got a glimpse of it, but pumped full of adrenaline as I was, time slowed down enough for me to take in all of the grotesque details.
It was about as tall as a man even though it stood hunched over. Its hind legs were muscular and contorted, ending with clawed hands instead of feet. And its arms were elongated, with spindly fingers as long as the creature was tall, holding webbing between them. It was an abomination, an unholy combination between man and hellish bat. So at least the name was fitting.
Someone ran into it, so the creature turned and bit his neck. Sharp, needle like teeth sunk into the man's flesh, rending it to shreds. Its flattened nose twitched as it smelled the gushing blood, and its beady eyes turned on me for a moment. But it didn't give chase, instead launching itself through one of the walls and out in the street. I saw it flip the man around through the air and gripping his shoulders with its feet-hand-things before taking him off to meet some horrible fate.
More of the bats came, breaking into all of the houses around us and abducting anyone they found. A few of them set their sights on me, so I got on the move with them following closely behind. I ran between rooms, trying to shake them off, but they were persistent. When I reached another window, I dove through and ended up in some back alley. From there I found a busted door and entered the next house in line, hoping to keep close to the main road. The bats were right on my heels, never more than a few steps behind.
I took more risky maneuvers, faking jumps and dodges into other rooms. Some of my pursuers got lost and confused, others yet found easier prey, so their numbers dwindled steadily behind me. But a few of them were more persistent, keeping after me through the entire ordeal. After a few minutes of running, I was feeling my lungs burning up from the effort and my muscles crying out in fatigue.
Rounding another corner that broke the line of sight, someone grabbed my arm and violently pulled me away. I wanted to scream, but they quickly covered my mouth.
"Shhh,' I heard a whisper in my ear.
The bats passed by a moment later, but they missed the dark corner we were hidden in. After they were gone, I turned to see my savior. It was Alfred, along with a small group of people huddled together.
"There's a basement here, we have to hide," Alfred said, pointing to a door in the floor.
He lifted it to let the others inside, only to find more people down there. Our group bunched up among them until they were packed like sardines. I let Alfred go next, leaving myself for last.
"I don't know what is going on," he whispered as he clambered into the hole. "Usually only a few bats come down into Perdition, not this many. The only time something similar has happened was when…"
"When what?" I asked with worry, seeing him pause.
"When sinners snuck into town," Alfred answered, his features slowly contorting into anger.
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2021.09.19 13:15 hatchy120308 2 emotes missing

i purchased the 2 emotes my world and wake up from the item shop about 4 months ago. i woke up yesterday to get on the game and they were both missing. i had them in my locker slots and i typed both of them up in my emotes page but they weren't there. i legitimately purchased the v bucks from the store. does anybody know why they have disappeared after nearly 5 months?
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