[OC] Ep42 - posted by johnkarter bhaimyaji

2021.09.19 13:59 sharma_pratik [OC] Ep42 - posted by johnkarter bhaimyaji

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2021.09.19 13:59 reIy_x Project Aphrodite matches are out!

How’s it going for y’all!
My match rank is 1 out of 5000+ but I don’t understand what this means even with the explanation given…
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2021.09.19 13:59 richard100121 Is this anything to worry about?

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2021.09.19 13:59 ukilledme81 I will bully the French for karma.

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2021.09.19 13:59 Femboy_Kirillov1872 I'm the 9th layer of irony

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2021.09.19 13:59 REBBEL31 Flex option

1/2 ppr, who do you flex?
View Poll
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2021.09.19 13:59 snips203 Amp that's also an interface

Hello. So I was wondering: is there such thing as a bass amp that is also an audio interface? Like an amp that has a usb can be plugged directly into a computer?
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2021.09.19 13:59 WyrmWood88 Is it possible for a clone b bridgesii to grow a long form shoot? Or is that one just a kinda long short form? It seems to still be growing

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2021.09.19 13:59 MyPronIsYour_Majesty How do i play dim chord in just intonation?

cuz 6/5 * 6/5 is not 45/32 same problem with aug
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2021.09.19 13:59 Soos77 Using Kokorowatari as a donut skewer

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2021.09.19 13:59 Vast-Reception-9124 I(22f) met an incredible guy(26m) but didnt feel anything

He wrote me up on ig, and I actually liked how he looked/was into him; he was working-out-fit, tall, attractive, had humor and was creative in his flirting, kinda "different" in how im used to getting talked to, so I just replied to him and we exchanged numbers. He was really entertaining to write to, he was educated, had a degree, a good job, and understand a lot of topics we talked about, writing with him was always interesting, and I always responded rather lengthy cause his way of thinking intrigued me. He also had a similar sense of humor like I do and "understood" inside jokes like memes and all, it really felt natural to talk to him as I didnt need to put on some persona when writing. We really wrote each other a lot and cause of covid didnt meet, when we finally set up a date and I met him in person, we hit it off well, had a great casual talk and evening, but....I didnt really feel "it". He was attractive, tall, blue eyes, nice hair, tanned, clean shaven, smelled good, was built greatly, authentic, smart and witty, and I usually complain about guys being somewhat dumb, or just not attractive enough for me...but although he checked all of that stuff, I kinda didnt feel "it", had no urge to flirt sexually with him/kiss him which I found weird cause I actually liked his package. After the date I took my time to respond, he wrote me first and tried to explain his view on the date, and that he maybe didnt come off as well as he couldve, I was nervous during the date and talked most the time so mb he didnt get to talk a lot, and I found this really cute of him. But I told him dont I just dont "feel it", that theres nothing somehow and I actually liked everything about him. I asked him if we could stay friends cause we matched really well, but he said yeah thats a shame but oh well and didnt answer right away. Later that night I wrote him again and asked he was angry with me/why hes ignoring me, to which he was kinda pissed and said stuff like why do I even write him at this point, he was interested romantically, I apparently am not, so whats the deal now, he isnt "ignoring" me, theres just nothing to say anymore, that he was trying a lot but it is was it is, and wished me the best. I was disappointed cause he really was a cool guy I wouldve liked to have in my circle but said fine and wished him well aswell. We didnt write each other anymore.
I feel somewhat conflicted with myself to why I didnt "want" him more; on paper he was great guy, and mb I was too fast to reject him, I just think at the first meeting you feel this "urge" with someone, and if it isnt there then its no point to keep trying. I only had one bf in my life which didnt last that long anyway cause he was a douche, and other than that im not really having that many successful dates. Was this weird of me, or is there something wrong with me? I feel like im maybe too picky and missed out on a great guy.
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2021.09.19 13:59 Heyguysitsme78 This isn't the right place.

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2021.09.19 13:59 jamcdonald120 Honestly thought the iPhone was gonna smash through the windshield

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2021.09.19 13:59 chickenfingers12 Help!

Does anybody know if there is anyway to find records for Dominica and French Guiana? I’m really struggling to find out about my Dads side of family as the records aren’t as readily available as other countries
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2021.09.19 13:59 NewUserHaveMercy Wtf is my team doing? (This is in Master IV and I’m not even that good)

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2021.09.19 13:59 Xorkoth What is enable blind signing?

Dear ledger,
What exactly is enable blind signing? Its in regards to the solana app on the device.
If i am to store solana on the blockchain via my hardware wallet i want to be sure that im not allowing any malicious contract to wipe my whole wallet?
I know solana is still in beta. I will only put what i can afford to lose on this device.. but any explanation to what enable blind signing means. This is in regards to setting up the ledger to work on phantom wallet.
Also when phantom and ledger firefox support?
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2021.09.19 13:59 kittykalista 😃

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2021.09.19 13:59 Some_Alternative_398 Have you experince biphobia from within the lgbt community?

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2021.09.19 13:59 Alter1994 26 CST looking for chill people to game with. (Up at the times of 12AM to 8AM)

Hello there,
Currently seeking out other people to play games with. I was able to find 2 cool people from here! But I am still looking to add more! List of games I am down for playing are below.
Gaming wise, I prefer a good relaxing session. By all means I am for having people that play to win (I can be one of those), but I also want those people to be cool with taking a loss. No toxic people please. Good vibes only. Apart from the casual scene, I enjoy doing vs. speedruns.
If this post strikes a cord, contact me by either chat or message me! Please DO the following however, before you contact me. Please be 20 and up. Please have a good mic and Discord. Be interactive. I understand shyness, but please, take risks, be vocal! And please list what games you have or are interested in. Please do not respond with "I play all sorts of games" or "I have a lot". I need examples!
Also, I use Parsec. With parsec (free to download), you can play games that are local co-op only with people anywhere in the world. The host needs the game and parsec. Anyone connecting to the host only needs parsec. I also play gamecube, gameboy, etc. emulators. Mario Party and Kart is possible here!
Lastly, I am not looking to play the "popular games" found regularly on this subreddit. So no Valorant, League, Apex, and Fortnite here. Splitgate (Beta) might be an exception.
Games below! <3
Among Us (Can be with Town of Us and/or Better Crew Link)
Bloons TD 6
Civilization V
Don't Starve Together
Duck Game
Fall Guys
The Forest
For the king
G:Mod Murder
G:Mod Prop Hunt
G:Mod Trouble in Terrorist Town (Can be with additional roles mod)
Gang Beasts
Gartic Phone (Free browser game)
Golf With Your Friends
Halo MCC (Custom games, Campaign, Matchmaking)
Heroes of Hammerwatch
Jackbox Games 1-7 (You don't need to buy it)
Killing Floor 1
Left 4 Dead 2 (I will not be getting Back 4 Blood. Game is bad)
Minecraft Java 1.17 (I do have a private server. This is on vanilla)
Overcooked 2
PokeMMO (Free online pokemon game that emulates gen 3,4,and 5 into 1 game)
Pummel Party
Shellshock Live
The Ship
SRB2 Kart (Free Mario Kart clone. A very good one)
Stick Fight
Tabletop Simulator Games. (MTG Commander, board games, poker etc.)
Terraria 1.4.3
Ultimate Chicken Horse
Worms Revolution
The following games are with parsec. (Again, you don't need to own the game, just parsec installed)
Samurai Gunn
Towerfall Ascension
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2021.09.19 13:59 hyde9318 Some ideas for future updates...

Hey there guys! So I’ve been playing the game a couple weeks now, and while I’m no expert in the game in ANY shape or form, I’ve been making a small list of things I’d love to see make it into this game. And while obviously I have no personal say over what makes it in, this game has been getting some seriously cool updates over time and anything is really possible at this point, so what could it hurt to throw my ideas out to be heard.
These are just some ideas I had, they are in no way official, or even really important. Do with this information what you will, but let me know what you think of the ideas.
If this kind of thread isn’t allowed, let me know and I’ll refrain of doing it a second time. Thank you in advance for your time.
Quality of Life Improvements Frigate Coloring - We have the option to change the color of our Freighter. Let’s us select an option to let us match our frigate fleet to the same color we pick for our freighter.
Trade Window - Let us have an option to trade with other players via a trade window so we can easily see what we are offering, what we are getting, and maybe market value of each side or something to help new players know if they are getting a good deal or being ripped off.
Text Chat for Consoles - I play on Xbox, and I can’t think of a single time I have had the opportunity to chat with another player, even though I’ve been playing with them this whole time. I can’t really start a party chat with people on other platforms, and if I can’t text chat while PC players can, it kind of defeats the purpose of being able to do crossplay. We have voice to text options, but if someone already doesn’t have a mic to communicate, then that option doesn’t work. We don’t always want to have to break out a mic if all we want to do is ask what system a ship comes from, or if I can buy the 200 copper I’m missing.
Buy/Sell/Trade Ships/Freighters/Pets - With the game having nearly endless options in almost everything we collect, it gets REAL daunting trying to find things we want to keep and invest all our resources into given we never know if we are JUST about to find something better. A few subreddits and discord’s are dedicated to sharing portal codes to find things we like, but I say streamline the process and let people trade or sell things they find to other players. Want to make a business selling exotic pets? Do it! Want to trade cool ships with your friends? Do it. Want to be a sleazy car salesman, but with planet sized freight ships carrying hundreds of tons of cobalt? Sleaze it up my dude!
New Features Expanding Base Usage - Bases are fun, but they don’t serve a ton of purpose. We can spend all week making them look JUST right, but overall you visit to smelt some ores, grow some plants, and head out. I’d like to see a few new options to have more reason to stay on the ground longer.

  1. Planetside Terminals - Freighters are fun and a decent source of money and resources, but we have radio communications that allow me to summon that huge ship from anywhere, but I can’t control it from the ground. Give us a terminal that I can place in a base that lets me control frigate missions from my base. It makes sense I’d have to be on the ship itself to do upgrades and research, but why can’t I signal in from the planet to the ship that I want my frigates for move out?
  2. Ship Showroom - Add six numbered special landing pads that automatically spawn our six ships on them in the base (minus the one you are using of course). This would let us show off our ships that we collect, maybe even make our own showrooms. It’ll also let us choose quickly which one we want to fly off in without switching it up in the menu or on the freighter.
  3. Planetside Vendors - Everytime I go to the space station, it’s always so lively, so many NPCs walking around interacting with each other and the vendors, it feels so alive. Then I go home to my base and... well.... I’m alone. I can add a sales terminal, but it’s an electric eyeball watching for me to crash the marker again with copious amounts of oxygen.... I propose to add various vendor counters to be built in a base that’ll allow vendors to visit your base and sell things. The different vendors can be the same ones at the stations (ship vendor, exosuit vendor, multi tool vendor, salvage vendor, exocraft vendor, merchants guild, etc). You set up a counter and a vendor can show up and set up shop, each week the vendor at that counter switches to a new inventory. Each counter would set what kind of vendor sets up there (so a counter for exosuit will always be that vendor, and so on). You could connect it to the station inventory if it makes coding easier, but I feel it would help being life to your bases, give you reasons to come home more often, give other players reasons to check out your bases, and even let groups of players set up their own hubs.
  4. Bio Domes - We have the option to set up greenhouses, which is nice. But I propose a bigger version option that works as a BioDome, and serves a very basic purpose... let your pet live at your base. Another way to liven up your base, as well as make more use for pets, it let your pet live at your base. But of course, you don’t want your pet wandering off, nor should they live outside in a strange environment. A large biodome would be a solution, a dome structure like the greenhouse, except it replicates your pet’s home environment (just the biome standards, doesn’t need to be detailed). It would let your pet wander when you aren’t using them, you could get an egg even off their home biome (because you made an artificial home for them), and it lets you show off your pets to visitors.
  5. Network Portals - We all have teleporter portals in our base to get everywhere, but I propose a new kind that brings you to specific places. A lot of people have friend groups and/or clans they like to game with, and while this game doesn’t have official clan systems, people still work together to build hubs and networks. My idea for a network portal is simple... a portal that you can make a specific list of destinations it can go. So say I want to connect two of my bases, two from one friend, and one from another friend to make a network of bases for our group. I go into the normal portal list and select the options I want, add them to a network list, and name the network. After that, whenever I enter a portal, the network I added has a tab on the side next to the other tabs (current tabs are my bases, space stations, etc). When I create a network, said network will be assigned a 9 digit code, then I can give out that code to anyone I want so they too can access that network in their portal options. It’s like making a clan in a way, it gives more options for people wanting to work together.
These are only a few of the things I’ve been thinking about, but this has gone on too long as it is. Thank you guys for your time. And let me know if any of these seem fun. Some are better than others, but it’s been a long day so I’m sure I overlooked some stuff. Anyways, I’ll see you guys in the stars!
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2021.09.19 13:59 bjfar I do love me some mountains

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2021.09.19 13:59 Illustrious-Music473 Internship after studying in Europe

Hello everyone,
I've been browsing through European universities to study medicine and have come to know that they're offering a 6 year course. But I do not understand if this is a 6 year course with an internship or without. For example, in my country of India, the general duration is 4.5 years + 1 year of internship.
In Europe, say Czech Republic for example, if the internship isn't included in the 6 years, how would it work? Because I assume it is a requirement to work in EU.
Thanks a lot in advance
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2021.09.19 13:59 SleepyAngerBoba Trying out a few new things and tricks

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2021.09.19 13:59 DiazBeatz Steam Error - CSGO - Failed to connect with Steam Client Process!

Steam Error - CSGO - Failed to connect with Steam Client Process! Hello guys,

Does anyone know how to fix this error? I did everything, and i don't want to install steam a install all again...


" FATAL ERROR: Failed to connect with local Steam Client process!
Please make sure that you are running latest version of the Steam Client and launch the game from Steam.
Tou can check for Steam Cliente updates using Steam main menu:
Steam > Check for Steam Client Updates... "

Thank you so much.
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2021.09.19 13:59 NeighborhoodFew6043 #Who_Is_AadiGanesha अवश्य जानिए *गणेश जी और आदि गणेश* में कौन है जो सम्पूर्ण सृष्टी के विघ्नहर्ता है।

#Who_Is_AadiGanesha अवश्य जानिए *गणेश जी और आदि गणेश* में कौन है जो सम्पूर्ण सृष्टी के विघ्नहर्ता है। submitted by NeighborhoodFew6043 to mildlyinfuriating [link] [comments]