SONY a6000 + Sigma 56mm F/1.4 - The APS-C Portrait Lens YOU NEED for Photography! [2021]

2021.09.19 13:32 olivershutterspeed SONY a6000 + Sigma 56mm F/1.4 - The APS-C Portrait Lens YOU NEED for Photography! [2021]

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2021.09.19 13:32 girl-in-teal Sending local food to partner. PH to USA! HELP

Has anyone from the Philippines have sent out care packages to their partners abroad, particularly USA?? Did you include local food in it?
If yeah, I heard that you needed a permit from the FDA to be able to ship some goods. Is that true? I was planning to send some to my girlfriend (USA) and my sister mentioned that FDA permit is needed for couriers like LBC, FedEx, and even Phlpost!
Hope you can help! I already bought the items. Stupid, I know, but I was too excited. 😭
PS, All the food that I bought have expiration dates in them and are branded. All bought from the local supermarket.
Thank you!
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2021.09.19 13:32 Makki_L Kinda like the yellow, thinking about going with the Lamenters for my Blood Angels army

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2021.09.19 13:32 VALK_MAIN_420 I get its a dick move to block an entrance but trying to ban someone over it is stupid.

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2021.09.19 13:32 Parsley27 Curing???

Hi I’m drying my small auto flower plants and wanted to know how long curing takes and if you can smoke it when it’s been dried (just to taste)
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2021.09.19 13:32 gosfz COVID

Not mine. Copy and Paste from previous post.
I’m sitting here in my car this morning, too exhausted to even start driving. I can’t get your face out of my head. These community hospital shifts are brutal. I remember taking care of you 4 weeks ago. You had gone to urgent care the beginning of august. Just barely in your 50’s. A few years older than me. No medical or surgical history. No vaccine. Diagnosed with Covid, sent home with meds. 2 days later EMS brought you in, hypoxic, in horrible condition. We quickly intubated you. You looked so bad. You suffered through proning. Acute kidney injury. Dialysis. 4 weeks ago we were hopeful. You were going for a peg and trach. We couldn’t get you off sedation or you would panic and decompensate. I don’t remember now what problem you were having that was making it so hard to get the trach done, I just remember it kept getting cancelled. Fast forward 5 weeks later. I’m back at this hospital after my own bout of Covid. I’m back to work already. But I was vaccinated. you are my patient again. You are not doing well. They thought after the trach you would do better. You did for a couple of days. Then the first lung collapsed needing a chest tube. Then the second. Then more pneumonia. More dialysis. You are a DNR now. Your wife is exhausted. We were supposed to make you comfort care tomorrow. You have 3 daughters. The youngest is just 14. We are waiting for her to come in. You can’t wait for tomorrow. I get report to find out you tanked. They pushed atropine at 6pm to get your heart rate up, went up on the pressors. Your wife has been told, she had just finally gotten to the laundry mat and put the clothes in. We tell her you won’t make the night. She’s hurrying as fast as she can. I go in to see you. You are a shell. You don’t respond to anything anymore. You lay there, pale and gray, mouth hanging open. I wave a fly away from out of your mouth, it can’t seem to wait for you to pass. your wife and kids come in. They are barely holding it together. My eyes go to your youngest. She looks terrified and lost. I can’t imagine what this is like for her. I just want to hug her. I try to smile with my eyes from behind the mask, doing everything I can to give comfort. In an ideal world you would be my only patient- but we have only half the nurses we should. We are all running. Transferring patients to get more in. I have to go see my other unvaccinated Intubated Covid patient, also your age. I squeeze your wife’s arm supportively and hurry to put on all my gear. You seem “stable” so I hurry to do what I need in my other room. Im not in there 5 minutes and your heart rate and blood pressure drop again. The doctor sticks her head in to let me know. There’s nobody to go attend you, we are all drowning. I hurry. I come out and the doc asks me if we are waiting for any other family members to arrive- judging if we will make you “comfort” or keep trying to keep you alive. I try to find a way to gently bring this up with your wife. She says at first no, nobody else is coming. Yes comfort measures are good. No more interventions. You are air hungry, breathing too fast and alarming your vent. Doc gives me pain med orders to keep you comfortable, I go up on sedation and push meds. Your 14 year old is holding your hand. She can’t watch me do it, she is terrified of needles and afraid I’m poking you. I show her I’m not, it’s just a syringe in your IV. Tears are in her eyes and she just can’t watch. Doc tells me to turn of your pressors. Your wife comes out and says wait- let me call his mom. Your mom was planning on coming tomorrow morning. I go up on your pressors and we wait for her. This tiny frail woman comes in. She worries me. I’m a mom myself. I can’t imagine seeing my child like this, let alone watching him die. I give everyone some time, then when they are ready I turn off the blood pressure meds. Your heart rate is already in the 40’s. It doesn’t take very long, about an hour. Your heart rate gets slower and slower as your oxygen level reads less and less, until there is no more blood pressure reading or oxygen. I watch your rhythm change, I know it will be moments. I want to be in there with you and your family, but we don’t have enough staff. I sit on the monitor so I can keep silencing the maddening alarms. Your family watches as you flatline. A wail goes up that pierces my soul. It’s your girls. Your wife is trying to be strong for them. I keep silencing the alarm, trying to find help to get the monitor turned off. I print your last EKG strip showing asystole. I call the doctor as I frantically mash buttons. Finally I get some help to turn it off once the doctor has come to pronounce you and take you off the ventilator. Time of death, 3 hours into my shift. Even flatlined and off the vent, you give one little sigh and belly rise after the doctor pronounces. I pray your kids didn’t see it, I don’t want them any more traumatized. Your family stays a while. I make my mandated call to the organ and tissue donor line. We go through the rote questions, even though we both know Covid will keep you from being a donor. The lady on the other end asks me the cause of death. I give a dark laugh, Covid of course. I ask her is there any other kind right now? She sighs and says no. I hang up and check on your family. I go through all my tough questions and paperwork. Do you have a funeral home picked out? No? That’s ok you can call us with that information. They ask what happens next. I tell them to take whatever time they need. Your wife asks me if we need the room. I lie and tell her no. Where will you go, they ask. I let them know you will be transported to the morgue, pending funeral home pick up. Your daughter gives a hitching sob. I ask if there are any belongings. Your mom wants your ring. Your wife has your regular wedding ring at home. It’s just silicone on your finger now, but I give it to your mom. The only thing else here is the shorts you came in the ambulance wearing. Your wife doesn’t want them, she can’t bear to look at it. She tells me to just throw them away. Your family is ready to go. They mill about outside your room, all but your oldest. She can’t bear to leave you. She sits by your bed, crying. Your youngest is shriveled in on herself, holding her stomach like somehow she can contain her grief that way. I give my condolences to your family; it sounds hollow even to myself. What can I say? I tell your wife that your daughter can stay as long as she needs, they can go on home if they want. This is where your wife loses it, her voice breaking and tears spilling out. “I don’t want her driving by herself. I need to know she’s ok and not alone”. I nod in understanding. I have a kid her age. I have to go check on my other patient, I hear IV’s beeping and alarms going off. They never stop. When I come back out, you are all that’s left in the room. I do your post mortem care. All of the lines and tubes and invasive things have to come out. I remove your chest tubes, your dialysis catheter, your central line, your internal fecal bag. Your trach we worked so hard to put in. I try my best to clean up all the foul fluids and place bandages on you so you stop leaking so badly. I wash you and attach the tag to your toe. I get help and zip you into the body bag, naked but for that toe tag. Security comes and you finally leave this ICU, after entering it 7 weeks ago. Housekeeping comes and does a stat clean- there are more patients waiting for your bed. Another nurse tells me your wife is so upset because one of your daughters has still been refusing the vaccine. She says how can you risk putting me through this again? I wonder if it’s the one who couldn’t leave. I hope for her & your wife’s sake this changes her mind. I sigh, try to shake it off and go admit the next patient who can’t breath. TL:DR- all of this is a real account. None of it is exaggerated or made up. If anything I held back, for fear of revealing too much patient information. This doesn’t even talk about what it’s like when all these patients keep coming, all having the same outcomes. My next admit from the floor is 74- both him and his wife caught Covid. His admit note says he was vaccinated but the doctor tells me no- they asked their kids and their kids told them not to get it. He’s dying and all I can notice is the sassy earring he sports. He is confused and won’t keep his bipap on, rips it off and fights and screams for me to help him. For all of you lurking who are vaccine hesitant or anti-vax- please read this. Think about your kids, your family. Think about their grief and exhaustion. My patient was fit, healthy, working. He was a skeleton in that body bag. For those of you posting in here, I’m glad for the support you give us, and for the positive reinforcement you give those that decide to get vaccinated. I also hope this gives you some insight as to why it’s not so easy to just say “too bad so sad you didn’t get vaccinated”. I don’t know if my patient was anti-vax, ignorant, or thought he wouldn’t be affected. I don’t actually care. What I care about is that poor 14 year old girl who will be traumatized for the rest of her life. Please get vaccinated. This is all so unnecessary. Thanks for coming to my TED talk. Sincerely, your friendly neighborhood ICU nurse.
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2021.09.19 13:32 Lonk_boi I'm 15 and this is yeet

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2021.09.19 13:32 DhaemonX National Day for Truth and Reconciliation: Official 7th Stat day for Newfoundland?

Is this true, because other than the site I'll post below, everything is murky
Does this mean the PRIVATE sector either has to pay their employees extra pay or give them the day off with pay?
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2021.09.19 13:32 eszther02 Found it on my neighbor's scooter.

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2021.09.19 13:32 Myrmix Which ship BPs for my first wharf?

I'm bought the game a few weeks or so ago and I'm slowly getting used to the basics and the complex economy.
Now my balance and infrastructure slowly reaches the point where I can think about building my first S/M wharf. I have a general idea of placing it close to paranid space ( because they beat up each other and the argons on a regular basis -> I'm guessing lots of demand for ships).
So I was thinking I should buy paranid ship blueprints. Is it necessary to buy out the whole stock of equipment BP as well, or are there "general loadouts" the npc factions will demand?
If you guys have advice on which equipment blueprints to get first (to make good profitsss; the ones I want, I can buy later anyways), I would be really thankful.
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2021.09.19 13:32 imightbemichael Azelf raid right now adding 10 3104 5471 0800

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2021.09.19 13:32 Beneficial_Use3567 Equinox full Uk/us/Ca no blocks join our discord group for info

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2021.09.19 13:32 olivershutterspeed SONY a6000 + Sigma 56mm F/1.4 - The APS-C Portrait Lens YOU NEED for Photography! [2021]

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2021.09.19 13:32 H25azbxwyz I rescued a dog to help calm my pandemic anxiety — but that's not what happened

(Source: TODAY )
Watch the video in our channel:

When I was a kid, having a dog was almost no work.
After what felt like years of pleading, my parents and oldest brother returned home from a breeder after my 6th birthday with Johann, our German shepherd, who grew to 110 pounds and 5 feet tall on his hind legs.
Johann kept me company when I stayed up late doing homework and often ate things he wasn't supposed to, like gravel. Once, he had a cyst surgically removed from his back, which led to a large bald spot with several Frankenstein-looking staples. He was also one of the only dogs our trainer had worked with who enjoyed the taste of the sour-apple spray intended to prevent him from chewing the window sills.
In Johann's surprisingly long, almost 13 years of life, my parents often complained about the bills they incurred on his behalf, but little else. It was this silence, in part, that inspired me to rescue a dog, like so many other people during the pandemic.
"Dogs are a lot of work" my mom told me after I mentioned that I'd applied to adopt Layla, a 4-year-old mutt with a pit bull head and dachshund body. "I know, but we'll be fine" I thought. "She did it, my brother does it, literally so many people do it!"
As it turns out, merely knowing lots of people with dogs doesn't actually prepare you for the responsibility of a living, breathing, emoting creature depending on you for most things. And because Layla was found covered in fleas, with a poorly healed broken leg and after recently giving birth, the stakes feel even higher.
My boyfriend and I took Layla home about three weeks ago, as long as her foster mom had had her. In that time, I've touched poop daily, taken her to multiple vets and seen my anxiety rise exponentially.
Playing with Layla, going for walks and snuggling were supposed to quell my pandemic-induced nervous energy. Instead, I have pretty much nothing to distract me when she scratches the mass on (...)
Watch the video in our channel:
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2021.09.19 13:32 heinaga1989 Baby BadAsses-Baby ADA's own NFT's just released💎 600 sold already 💎Price goes up after 1K are sold, hurry up!

We have a collection of NFTs that everyone will want to collect!
There are some tasty incentives for holding and even buying more - you get 5% of the minting fees in ADA.
Early investors will be sure to benefit!! Good thing this group has only 💎
They will be a collection of unique characters with proof of ownership stored on the BSC network .
Each NFT is randomly generated with a plethora of attributes using a top of the line algorithm. This ensures ultimate exclusivity.
The benefit 🏦
Not only do original minters get 5% reflection from the minting transactions.
When the marketplace is Live, the original creatominter of any NFT bought and sold will receive 5% of transactions on that NFT for life!

📢 Marketing Plan! 📢
We have booked a Legit BILLBOARD IN TIMES SQUARE! ( Proof Will Be Shown)
we also have the Ad running in Specific times! so if we have any New Yorkers in here you can win Some Free Tokens and Maybe even an NFT if you can snap a pic or Video of it live and tag us on twitter!!
We have Teamed Up with a Number of influencer's on the following platforms -

✅ Twitter
✅ Telegram Groups / Call channels
✅ Mad Joe's Mad Lab
✅ Instagram
✅ Weibo
✅ and many more to come!
✅Poocoin Ads
✅CoinVote Ads
✅ Tellegram Shilling

🔻 1-1000 - Minting Fee of 0.1 BNB
🔻1001 - 2000 - Minting Fee of 0.15 BNB
🔻2001 - 3000 - Minting Fee of 0.2 BNB
🔻3001 - 4000 - Minting Fee of 0.25 BNB
🔻4001 - 4500 - Minting Fee of 0.3 BNB
🔻4501 - 5000 - Minting Fee of 0.35 BNB

And again 5% of every mint will go back to holders in Baby ADA!!
480 NFTS sold already! Hurry up and snatch one up before the first 1K nft's are minted!

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2021.09.19 13:32 IamZeebo It's GameDay and it's your last chance to pick up ... Who??

It's GameDay fellas 🏈🏈 which means it's also your last chance to make any final pickups and moves before the week 2 madness and waiver wire nonsense.
Anyone have any final names they would like to share?
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2021.09.19 13:32 Floridagirlalways This Jeep is angry

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2021.09.19 13:32 LemonNinJaz24 Pokemon Search Terms

For Oshawott community day I want to filter out certain pokemon to transfer easily.
These are any Oshawott that's not a 3* and have cp less than 600, and Oshawott with cp less than 200.
Is there any way of searching this all at once?
Oshawott&!3*&cp-600,Oshawott&cp-200 only returns Oshawott with less than 200 cp and the use of brackets breaks the search so is there any way of doing this all at once?
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2021.09.19 13:32 Dawnspider Irish People on Facebook

Have you ever noticed that as soon as there's any post about a politician, minor celebrity (who isn't sports orientated), or someone who works in the media as a presenter (radio/ tv), the comments are full of hate and vitriol?
It could be an Irish Times article where the interviewer simply asked them a question and part of their answer is used in the title of the article itself. Cue all the comments saying 'who asked her??' The INTERVIEWER did!
I remember some years ago I made a video marking a special moment in my life, and it was shared by a few news outlets - and from a lot of the Irish, the comments were 'what makes YOU so special? - Nothing. I just made a video about something and it got shared. Why do we have to tear each other down?
It's at its worst whenever I see a post about a COVID related update from the Gov - the comments are so incredibly nasty. I have to admit, I'm no fan of our Government but the announcement might be something that makes perfect sense, like continuing the mask mandate etc. It's hard not to feel a little down when all you see is an angry mob whipped into a frenzy by feeding of each other's outrage.
I dunno, it's just that in real life / on the street, we're often so friendly and compassionate and helpful to each other, but online, we're so cynical, so frenzied and so bitter. What's the deal?
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2021.09.19 13:32 olivershutterspeed SONY a6000 + Sigma 56mm F/1.4 - The APS-C Portrait Lens YOU NEED for Photography! [2021]

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2021.09.19 13:32 cristianoramos1991 Anyone know what these text message scams are?

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2021.09.19 13:32 simplifyingsynthesis Simplifying Synthesis: Asymmetric Total Synthesis of (−)-Aspidophylline A

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2021.09.19 13:32 nial_digital_art If „The smokin‘ dude“ finishes up in hell, he will be one of the bad guys 👹 Check out my collection (link in comments) & give me an upvote if you like it as much as I do 😍🙏🏻

If „The smokin‘ dude“ finishes up in hell, he will be one of the bad guys 👹 Check out my collection (link in comments) & give me an upvote if you like it as much as I do 😍🙏🏻 submitted by nial_digital_art to opensea [link] [comments]

2021.09.19 13:32 S-AMG PS4 CUH-1216B BlueRay Drive making a weird sound and can''t copy game from disk.

In need some help.
For some reason the BlueRay drive makes a weird sound and can't copy the game from the disk, but it is still abel to recognize what game it is.
I have opened it and cleaned it, but still nothing. My only option (right now) is to replace it.
If anyone has another idea, I would like to hear it!
Thanks in advance.
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