Anyone less does labor intensive work under IF? Or am i the only one

2021.09.19 13:24 decadeHODLER Anyone less does labor intensive work under IF? Or am i the only one

Lost 7kgs since started 1.5months ago, i eat normal food during my break. I dont care if it is carb or fat, but i do avoid sugar. I work 7hrs labour intensive job, feeling alright but drink water like crazy.
I dont eat after 9pm and workout for bit at 11pm.
Goals to get get back to the youth weight and feel younger and stronger.
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2021.09.19 13:24 D3iners Oh hey what is this blinking light?

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2021.09.19 13:24 KaminariGuitar 😱 20 Memes on Acoustic Guitar in 2 minutes!

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2021.09.19 13:24 Chemicalx299 WTH!??!? the developers need to get this sorted. cheaters everywhere

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2021.09.19 13:24 Charlievons Should I continue my old save file or start a new journey plus file?

So I just finished my fist run through of this game and loved it! I want to go back and explore the parts I missed on for each of the worlds. I would have done this before finishing the game but didn’t realise that I couldn’t go back once starting the last stage of the game. Now that I have unlocked new journey plus I’m unsure if I should just do what I planned to do and explore my old save file, or start a new journey plus? What do you guys think?
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2021.09.19 13:24 ForATupacLover Turf ID needed

Hi all, wanting to do a reno on my lawn, but not sure what variety I have so not sure about the best way to go about it. I think it’s just a standard couch variety? Photos in link. Any tips for the reno would be appreciated. In Melbourne, Aus. pics
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2021.09.19 13:24 kantiano Cohort

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2021.09.19 13:24 IamTJcon Do INTJs Become super cool once they mature in age? And become like A Sigma Male?

If so why? Is it because they master social skill to it's at most? Are any other takes on it.
I'm still stuck young and a few adult INTJs/ENTJs tht I interacted in my childhood wlooked super cool.
But I'm. Struggling rn. So any advices/experinces, welcomed
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2021.09.19 13:24 brotherbrother99 Rare r/gtaonline subreddit related meme

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2021.09.19 13:24 xleonfwx AND I CAME!

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2021.09.19 13:24 Unusual_Friendship26 Looking for 2 DIYS: iron garden chair & hedges. Also looking for a white fridge!

Thank you! Can trade bells or NMTs or wishlist 🥰
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2021.09.19 13:24 gamesforcrows A pattern maker inspired by William Morris

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2021.09.19 13:24 autobuzzfeedbot Goldman Sachs says to buy these 17 stocks that are poised to continue out-growing their peers regardless of shocks to the economy

  1. Sherwin-Williams
  2. Pool
  3. O'Reilly Automotive
  4. Home Depot
  5. UnitedHealth
  6. Idexx Laboratories
  7. Church & Dwight
  8. Alphabet
  9. Cadence Design Systems
  10. CDW
  11. Accenture
  12. McCormick
  13. Dollar General
  14. Tractor Supply
  15. Jack Henry & Associates
  16. Roper Technologies
  17. Thermo Fisher Scientific
Link to article
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2021.09.19 13:24 8-tentacles Andrew?

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2021.09.19 13:24 MGBM_artworks Follow me on Instagram for more of MGBM Artwork

I'm on Instagram as @mgbm_artworks. Install the app to follow my photos and videos.
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2021.09.19 13:24 mementoveni Is it worth it to upgrade Gaston to SL5?

Specifically, is it worth it if I have Beast at SL6? I have only enough tickets for SL5 and my pull luck is kinda hating Gaston.
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2021.09.19 13:24 alexc1ted Strand theatre, lomo metropolis

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2021.09.19 13:24 KingKongOfSilver Why even display reward tokens when only 50% of them become eligible tokens? Seems pointless to have the reward tokens to begin with?

I have used Presearch for a couple of weeks now. I have 14 reward tokens and 7 eligible tokens. But I don't understand the purpose of the reward tokens when I cannot do anything with them? It's only the eligible tokens that pay me money, right? So why are the reward tokens shown so prominently when they are useless?
Best regards
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2021.09.19 13:24 rezzacci A happy family, finally reunited thanks to the power of necromancy !

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2021.09.19 13:24 faintingoat Cosy house and dependencies in the forest

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2021.09.19 13:24 PermanentCopycat Has anyone claimed Mt. Doom? No? It's mine then.

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2021.09.19 13:24 Trainrideviews What YouTube channel that’s faded away do you miss the most?

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2021.09.19 13:24 SlippingStar Best chromas?

View Poll
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2021.09.19 13:24 Skipper3505 It's like they forgot the Cliffs part of the update

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2021.09.19 13:24 GoldNPyro If mems started pairing up

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